Yankee Candle Alternative: 5 Reasons We Love Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle is our Yankee Candle Alternative

Scented Candles: Some swear by candles from the largest manufacturer within the USA, while others have embraced an alternative to Yankee Candle candles – a delicate topic. To understand why Kringle Candle is the best Yankee alternative for us, we need to take a look into the past.



The Yankee Candle Candle Story

In 1969, the then 16-year-old Michael Kittredge crafted his very first candle from melted crayons. The reason? He didn't have money to buy his mother a gift. So, he decided to gift the candle he made. As the demand for these handmade candles grew, Michael Kittredge made more candles and eventually started selling them.

It didn't take long for Michael Kittredge, along with two friends from his high school, to establish the company Yankee Candle. In 1975, the first Yankee Candle shop was opened. About 8 years later, the Yankee Candle company moved to South Deerfield, Massachusetts. To this day, it remains the official headquarters of the company.

For health reasons, the original founder Michael Kittredge sold the Yankee Candle Company in 1998 for a staggering $500 million to Forstman Little. Just a year later, the company went public.

In 2007, the company was sold to Madison Dearborn Partners LLC for around $1.6 billion. Six years later, in September 2013, Jarden acquired the Yankee Candle Company for about $1.75 billion.



Yankee Candle Candles Don't Smell - Many Customers Are Upset

As mentioned earlier, apart from candle enthusiasts (who mostly don't care about the brand), there are two groups: enthusiastic Yankee Candle supporters and former customers who have now migrated and are searching for a Yankee Candle alternative.

Some customers are now expressing their frustration on various review platforms like Trustpilot. One point that is mentioned quite frequently: "Yankee Candle candles don't smell."

Whether this criticism is justified or not, we at American Heritage cannot answer at this point. The fact is that some customers are turning away and looking for a Yankee Candle alternative. But what scented candles are available besides Yankee Candles?

By the way, at American Heritage, we used to sell Yankee Candles some time ago – then we looked for an alternative and found one!



Similar Candles to Yankee Candle

What scented candles are there that are very similar to Yankee Candles? When you explore the scented candle market, you quickly realize that the range of candles beyond Yankee Candles is huge. Some of the most well-known Yankee Candle alternatives include:

  • Colonial Candle
  • Country Candle
  • Goose Creek Candle
  • Kringle Candle
  • Village Candle
  • Woodwick Candle

While Colonial Candle stands out with its oval jars, Woodwick Candle is known for its hourglass-shaped jars and the wooden wick that crackles softly as it burns. Village Candle closely resembles Yankee Candle candles but offers a smaller range of scents. Goose Creek scented candles are also sold in apothecary-style jars but sometimes struggle with small flames. Kringle Candle mostly produces white scented candles, making them easy to blend with various home decor styles. On the other hand, Country Candle focuses on vibrant colors and is very close to Kringle Candle in terms of scent.

Kringle Candle Lemon Lavender

With all the scented candles available besides Yankee Candle, it's easy to lose track. We are big fans of Kringle Candle scented candles, which also happen to be the best alternative to Yankee Candle for us. We have five good reasons why we love Kringle Candle so much and have chosen it as our favorite!



1. Founded by the Son of the Original Yankee Candle Founder

We already clarified at the beginning, when we took a look at the history of Yankee Candle, that the company is no longer in the hands of the original founder Michael Kittredge.

That's why we find it even more beautiful that Mick Kittredge, the son of Yankee Candle founder Michael Kittredge, founded the Kringle Candle Company with his father – going back to the origins of scented candles. Kringle Candle, in our eyes the best Yankee Candle alternative, proudly promotes the motto "The ultra-fragrant Kringle Candle line unites the best of the traditional and the new." Speaking of tradition, do you remember the disappointed and frustrated customers of Yankee Candle claiming the candles didn't smell like anything? Kringle Candle relies on tried-and-true methods and provides an authentic scent experience, which leads us to our next point.



2. Authentic Scent Experience of Kringle Candle Scented Candles

If you've had the pleasure of putting your nose into one of these outstanding candles, you'll understand why Kringle Candle is our hidden gem and thus the best alternative to Yankee Candle. The scent experience, which, by the way, enchants not only the room where it's lit but the entire home, is unmatched. The scents from Kringle Candle are authentic and genuine – consistently throughout the entire burning time of the candle.

But how does Kringle Candle manage to create such incredible scents? This question is easily answered: the manufacturing process and the quality of the fragrance oil. Mick Kittredge of Kringle Candle places a special emphasis on the quality of the scented candles. The authentic scent experience is of the highest priority. For this reason, Kringle Candle is willing to undergo an extremely elaborate manufacturing process. The high-quality fragrance oil and the wax are only mixed together in the jar at the end. Many scented candle manufacturers mix oil and wax at an earlier stage. The problem with that approach is that the mixture has to be constantly heated (until it's poured into the jar), and in the process, a significant portion of the fragrance is lost.

In our opinion, Kringle Candle has the upper hand here compared to other Yankee Candle alternatives.



3. Better Burning Performance of Kringle Candles

Ever experienced this? You light your scented candle and quickly notice that the candle doesn't burn cleanly, leaving wax remnants along the edges of the jar. This is often due to the candle having only one wick. Typically, candle manufacturers attempt to address this issue by using a very thick wick (which doesn't always work either). However, the negative side effects are often neglected or completely ignored. Especially when lit, the flame can become quite tall and almost resemble a torch. Additionally, the candle can start to produce soot, leading to unsightly black stains on the glass.

This is why Kringle Candle consistently uses two thin wicks for its larger jars. This ensures better burning performance and an even, clean burn. No wax remnants and no unpleasant discoloration are left on the glass, allowing the candle to emit its full fragrance without distortion from soot.

By the way, the myth that candles with two wicks burn faster is not true. Since the wicks are very thin, they burn for roughly the same duration as a candle with just one thick wick.

At American Heritage, we see only advantages in using two thin wicks and wholeheartedly endorse Kringle Candle as the best Yankee Candle alternative in this regard.

Kringle Candle Comfy Sweater



4. Extremely Elegant Candle Design

As mentioned earlier, all candles from Kringle Candle are primarily in white. The color white, home of light, is also convincing in its effect. It symbolizes perfection, clarity, honesty, and innocence.

Kringle Candle's scented candles can therefore be paired with any style and decor. The candles always look very elegant and stand out from other Yankee Candle alternatives with their unique tall pillar jars.

Did you know that producing white candles is far more intricate than producing colored ones? To maintain the graceful purity of the candle over an extended period, the candles are exposed to UV light in a separate chamber. This process simulates sunlight. This way, it can be determined whether the candles discolor after prolonged exposure to sunlight or retain their original white color.

The white scented candles from Kringle Candle are (to our knowledge) unique and thus outperform other Yankee Candle alternatives.

If you're not fond of white candles from Kringle Candle, we can wholeheartedly recommend the colorful scented candles from Country Candle. These are also produced by Mick Kittredge, the son of the Yankee Candle founder, and come very close to the distinctive scent of Kringle Candles.



5. Wide Selection of Authentic Scents

If you're already familiar with Kringle Candle, you know how many different scents there are to discover. Regardless of the season, you'll always find something at Kringle Candle. Looking for an autumnal fragrance? How about " Autumn Amber," " Apple Love," " Amber Wood," or perhaps " Autumn Road?"

Or maybe you're in search of a light, fresh summer scent? You'll find a variety of options here as well, such as " Watercolors," " French Lavender," " Fiji," " Rosemary Lemon," or " Pink Grapefruit."

For the cold season, winter, you'll find an especially extensive selection. Bestsellers include " Cozy Cabin" and " Snowy Bridge," while personal favorites among us are " Hot Chocolate," " Warm & Fuzzy," and " Cashmere & Cocoa."

Kringle Candle Assortment at American Heritage

If you're searching for festive Christmas scents, it's highly likely you'll also find what you're looking for among Kringle Candle's offerings. " Cozy Christmas," " Deck the Halls," and " Gold & Cashmere" are just a few examples from the Christmas collection.

For those who believe that scented candles only come in floral, fresh, or fruity aromas, think again. There are also numerous masculine and earthy scents to explore. These include options like " Northern Lights," " Midnight," " Far, Far, Away," or the most popular fragrance, " Grey."

We could go on and on, but why tell you everything when it's so much more enjoyable to explore the various scents of Kringle Candle for yourself?

As you can see, the selection of Kringle Candle scented candles is vast. That's why our winner for "Assortment and Selection" as the best Yankee Candle alternative is none other than Kringle Candle!

For this reason, American Heritage has been offering the largest selection of Kringle Candle scented candles in the entire German-speaking region for several years.