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  1. Ceramic Blush Bowl

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  2. Ceramic Charcoal Bowl

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  3. Colorful Measrung Cup Set

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  4. Colorful Measuring Spoon Set

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  5. Designer Measuring Cups and Spoons

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  6. Designer Measuring Cups, Set of 4

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  7. Diner Baskets for Burgers and Fries

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  8. Gold Striped Straws

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American Measuring Cups are truly a Blessing

If you enjoy trying out new recipes when baking or cooking, you know exactly how important it is to have the right measurements of the ingredients. Especially when baking, the accuracy of the measured ingredients is often the key to success. At American Heritage, you’ll find a variety of American measuring cups for accurately measuring liquid and dry ingredients. Make sure to check the desired volume when purchasing measuring cups. There are many various shapes and sizes in our selection to match your cooking and baking needs.

Our American measuring cups are truly a blessing when it comes to modifying much-loved, familiar recipes, for example, when more guests come to visit. You can simply increase the volume of the ingredients needed according to the number of people and measure it out exactly with the help of the measuring cup.


Measuring Cups for American Quantities

American recipes use “cups“, tablespoons (“Tbsp.“), teaspoons (“Tsp.“), or fluid ounces (“oz fl.“). We recommend our American measuring cups so that you can simply measure the amounts needed and not have to do difficult conversions. The American quantities are printed on the measuring cups which saves you lots of time. Moreover, most measuring cups and measuring spoons can be stacked within each other which is a real space saver when stored in the drawer or on the shelf in your kitchen.


Give Your Eyes a Treat – Decorate and Serve in American Style

When spending the time and energy in the kitchen to create a delicious meal, it deserves to be served in style accordingly. Table decorations play an important part here in addition to the presentation of the food on the plate. At American Heritage, you’ll find everything you need to set the table in American style and decorate accordingly with the latest American trends. Starting with mini American deco flags, party straws with various themes, to napkins with countless motifs and top quality placemats; we’ve got it all. Have fun decorating!