Shortbread - The Delicious Snack (Not Just) from Scotland

Shortbread - The Classic from Scotland
Whether it's classic Scottish Shortbread, Irish Shortbread, or even extravagant Millionaires Shortbread, authentic shortbread is popular well beyond the shores of Great Britain. But what is it that makes our mouths water at the thought of this rather simple snack and causes a new packet of shortbread cookies to mysteriously disappear as if by magic?

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American Mustard - Differences, Production, and History

American Mustard Production
Mustard is not the same as mustard. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of different types of mustard. In addition to French Dijon mustard, Bavarian sweet mustard, English mustard, and many other, sometimes regional mustard creations, there is probably the most popular spicy or medium-spicy mustard in Germany - and that's American mustard. In this article, we will take a closer look at American Mustard.

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4 Creative Burger Recipes - American Gourmet Burgers

4 Exquisite Gourmet Burgers
At American Heritage, we have a deep love for homemade burgers – as it should be, right? In addition to authentic American burger classics and exquisite gourmet burgers, we also have a fondness for unique burger recipes. To ensure that you too can enjoy these exotic burger creations, we have compiled 4 creative burger recipes for you in this article, where just reading through the preparation steps will make your mouth water...

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Traditional American Easter Meal

American Easter Brunch
Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the quintessential American holiday, but Americans also showcase their festive spirit, especially when it comes to Easter (and, of course, the traditional Easter meal). Classic egg hunts, typical American parades, and, of course, a multi-course feast of the highest caliber – Easter in the USA is an annual experience to look forward to, not just because of the typical Easter meal.

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What is Chutney – Usage, Origin, & Recipes

 Indian Dish with Chutney
You have probably come across the term "Chutney" before and wondered, "What is Chutney, actually?" This is the very question we aim to answer in this post. We will also explore the meaning and origin of chutney, how you can use it, which dishes it is commonly served with, and where you can purchase high-quality chutney...

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Onion Rings - the crispy barbecue side dish

Onion Rings
Whether it's summer or winter, whether the spare ribs, steaks, or burgers are prepared on the outdoor grill or in the kitchen on the stovetop, this side dish always fits! We're talking about crispy onion rings. Anyone who has ever dined in an American diner should be familiar with them. And for those who haven't, now is the opportunity to make up for what you've missed with this simple recipe...

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