Why does a good burger need pickles?

Why does a good burger need pickles | American Heritage

Burgers are more than just patties and buns—they're a culinary institution, a symbol of comfort food at its finest. And at the heart of many beloved burgers lies a crucial ingredient: the humble pickle. These crisp, tangy slices aren't just a garnish—they're an essential element that elevates the entire burger experience. But what makes pickles so indispensable in the realm of burgers? Read our Blog and find our why these little green gems are a must-have for any burger aficionado:

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Fiery Elegance on the Grill: The Fascination of Latino BBQ Sauce

Fiery Elegance on the Grill: The Fascination of Latino BBQ Sauce | American Heritage Blog

Explore the world of Latino barbecue cuisine in our article about Latino BBQ sauces! Learn about the unique flavors of Latin American-style BBQ and the special ingredients that make these sauces stand out. We'll introduce you to our favorites, such as "Tres Chiles" and "Diablo Limonajo," and share delightful recipe ideas and ways to use Latino BBQ sauces. Join the American Heritage team on a journey through the diverse flavors of Latin America and let us inspire you!

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Shortbread - The Delicious Snack (Not Just) from Scotland

Shortbread - The Classic from Scotland
Whether it's classic Scottish Shortbread, Irish Shortbread, or even extravagant Millionaires Shortbread, authentic shortbread is popular well beyond the shores of Great Britain. But what is it that makes our mouths water at the thought of this rather simple snack and causes a new packet of shortbread cookies to mysteriously disappear as if by magic?

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American Mustard - Differences, Production, and History

American Mustard Production
Mustard is not the same as mustard. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of different types of mustard. In addition to French Dijon mustard, Bavarian sweet mustard, English mustard, and many other, sometimes regional mustard creations, there is probably the most popular spicy or medium-spicy mustard in Germany - and that's American mustard. In this article, we will take a closer look at American Mustard.

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4 Creative Burger Recipes - American Gourmet Burgers

4 Exquisite Gourmet Burgers
At American Heritage, we have a deep love for homemade burgers – as it should be, right? In addition to authentic American burger classics and exquisite gourmet burgers, we also have a fondness for unique burger recipes. To ensure that you too can enjoy these exotic burger creations, we have compiled 4 creative burger recipes for you in this article, where just reading through the preparation steps will make your mouth water...

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