Scent Creators for DIY - Our Tips for Crafting Your Very Own Room Fragrance.

You can easily make your own air freshener
If love is known to go through the stomach, then personal well-being undoubtedly goes through the nose. Many aspects of our daily lives are often, quite unconsciously, directly influenced by the scents that surround us. With our quick and easy DIY tips, creating your very own air freshener is a breeze, and you can make it using products right from your own kitchen.

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Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

The colorful leaves glide through the air as if being pulled by invisible strings, until they finally land on the ground, causing it to shine in various colors. On the streets, you can see more and more people wearing flannel shirts, wrapping scarves around their necks, or throwing on a jacket over their sweater. Autumn has arrived, and we all look forward to the treats and beauties it brings with it.

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Ready for Thanksgiving? - Our Best Cranberry Products Reimagined

Cranberry Products
What should be missing from any menu on Thanksgiving, alongside turkey, sweet potato pie, and corn on the cob? Of course, a fruity cranberry sauce. The classically fruity version pairs perfectly with the succulent meat, but with just a few ingredients, you can also experience the fruity classic in a completely new (yet still unchanged and delicious) way. And the best part: You can find the key ingredients right here in our online shop.

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Indian Summer - A Journey to New England

 Indian Summer - Journey to New England
In September and October, a trip to New England on the other side of the Atlantic is worth considering. During this time, the forests along the East Coast light up in autumnal hues of deep yellow, orange, and red. The "Indian Summer" attracts people to the Northeastern United States year after year. Join us on a road trip through the picturesque New England during the most beautiful time of the year.

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Essential Oils - The Natural Miracle for Your Home

 Essential Oils in Hand Soaps and Candles

Do you believe there are scents that can help you simply relax after a stressful day? Scents that gift you with a sense of inner calm and harmony, while also giving you an extra dose of energy to keep giving it your all? Ideally, experiencing such a fragrance repeatedly, even in everyday life, and enjoying it, even if only for a short time, would be perfect.

Why not give essential oils a try, as they contain the concentrated life force of an entire plant.

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Firing up the Grill is In - 6 Tips and Tricks for American Winter Grilling

Winter is also BBQ season.

Who thinks about grilling in January?

Quite simply: an entire 60% of Americans. Because, as our friends on the other side of the big pond know, even cold weather doesn't diminish the joy of grilling in the slightest. Quite the opposite – with great cuts of meat that you might never consider in summer or might find hard to get, winter grilling can open up entirely new doors for enthusiasts. And who doesn't salivate at the thought of a piece of smoky meat, even on cold winter days?

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Upcycling - Breathing New Life into Candle Jars

 Upcycling for Candle Jars

The favorite candle that held many cherished memories has unfortunately burned out in the end, its familiar scent completely faded away. Scents quickly transport us to memories and nostalgia, providing a sense of calm and comfort. It would be a shame to discard this loyal companion into a glass container, wouldn't it? And with the stylish candle jars from Kringle and Country Candle, even after burning out, so many more memories can be created. Surprised? Then join us on our little journey through the house as we show you how to give new life to your candle jars with ease.

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Pickling: Preserving vegetables by pickling and preserving them

 Pickling - Pickled onions

Pickling vegetables – or pickling as it's called in the USA – is a way to preserve and season vegetables. However, pickling isn't just useful for making vegetables last longer and giving them a distinct flavor – it can even help save food.

In the USA, pickling is extremely popular, and here as well, more and more people are getting a taste for it (literally!). The trend is clearly moving towards the do-it-yourself approach – much in line with a romantic country lifestyle. Just think about all the colorful, crisp vegetables that have been freshly harvested.

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Mason Jars - 16 Impressive Home Decoration Ideas

 Mason Jars DIY Ideas

In the year 1858, John Landis Mason invented and patented the Mason Jars that are now well-known. The Ball Corporation, a company that early on focused successfully on manufacturing glass containers, is responsible for the term Ball Mason Jars being commonly used today. The Ball Mason Jars feature an external thread around the glass opening, to which a metal ring can be screwed. This metal ring presses a separate, disc-shaped steel lid against the edge of the glass. An integrated rubber ring on the underside of the lid ensures a hermetic seal. As nothing can enter or exit, Mason Jars are perfect for preserving food.

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