Ready for Thanksgiving? - Our Best Cranberry Products Reimagined

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What should not be missing from any menu on Thanksgiving, alongside turkey, sweet potato pie, and corn on the cob?

Of course, a fruity cranberry sauce. The classically fruity version pairs perfectly with the succulent meat, but with just a few ingredients, you can also experience the fruity classic in a completely new (yet still unchanged and delicious) way.

And the best part: You can find the key ingredients right here in our online shop.

New England Cranberry Relish

Our first highlight is the classic cranberry relish from New England. Here, the fruity sweetness of cranberries meets the slightly tangy acidity of fresh oranges. The relish is perfect as a spread on delicious sandwiches, especially with poultry. But with a few tricks, we turn this tasty spread into a delightful Thanksgiving treat.

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Simply mix a pinch of our pumpkin pie spice into the relish and thin the mixture with cranberry or orange juice to achieve the desired consistency for a uniquely autumnal (pumpkin) spiced cranberry sauce. The typical blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and pepper adds a pleasant spiciness to the sauce, evoking a hint of Christmas anticipation.

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A special treat is the bittersweet maple cranberry cherry sauce. The combination of fruity cranberries, sweet maple syrup, and a touch of fruity-sour cherries makes this sauce a particularly layered taste experience. Simply mix the cranberry relish with some sour cherry jam from Stonewall Kitchen. Then, enhance the mixture according to taste and desired consistency with the world's purest maple syrup from Crown Maple. For even more flavor depth, we recommend reaching for the infused varieties with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, or bourbon.

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Orange Cranberry Marmalade

Even more than in the classic New England version, the fruity taste of oranges plays a special role here. That's why this delicious marmalade is a perfect match in flavor with poultry, such as duck or Christmas goose. To achieve the right consistency, simply add some fruit juice again. In addition to cranberry and orange juice, apple or cherry also work well here. We also recommend adding a touch of mint for a hint of aromatic freshness.

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An exceptional experience is the orange cranberry marmalade enriched with fruit juice, with a touch of ginger added. The spicy Orange Ginger Cranberry Sauce adds a slightly exotic note to any Thanksgiving dinner, reminiscent of the delicious poultry specialties from the Far East. Try mixing it with our in-house ginger lime marmalade for a slightly tangy touch, or use the new mandarin ginger dryglaze from Urban Accents as a base for a particularly fruity experience with a touch of spiciness.

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The tangy flavor of cherries also pairs wonderfully with the fruity notes of orange and cranberries. With some sour cherry jam from Stonewall Kitchen, you can easily transform the marmalade-based sauce into a fruity and tangy cherry orange cranberry sauce. If you want even more cherry flavor, simply replace the orange juice used for dilution with cherry juice, or combine both for your ideal flavor experience.

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Our secret tip for all adult Thanksgiving and Christmas fans is a delicious Orange Bourbon Cranberry Sauce with a splash of bourbon whiskey. But the rest of the family doesn't have to miss out on the delicious flavor kick. Instead of alcohol, we refine our orange cranberry marmalade with a bit of bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup from Crown Maple – aged in bourbon barrels and therefore incredibly aromatic. Depending on the desired consistency, you can also skip the additional fruit juices to avoid diluting the bourbon flavor further.

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Apple Cranberry Chutney

Another favorite with poultry, which tastes delicious not only with Thanksgiving turkey but also with the classic Christmas goose, is the Apple Cranberry Chutney from Stonewall Kitchen. The combination of sweet apples, fruity cranberries, and aromatic New England spices, together with a splash of apple juice, forms the delicious base for two very special treats.

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If you don't mind a pre-holiday touch, we recommend a spiced sweet cinnamon apple cranberry sauce for poultry. The subtle hint of cinnamon, known from the holiday season, pairs wonderfully with the sweet taste of ripe apples and the fruity notes of cranberries. Cinnamon apple jelly from Stonewall Kitchen is ideal for seasoning the sauce. And if you prefer it even sweeter, we suggest replacing the apple juice with cinnamon-infused maple syrup from Crown Maple to dilute the chutney.

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If you've become a fan of liquid gold from Crown Maple, our next tip will certainly appeal to you. A sweet maple apple cranberry sauce further enhances the natural sweetness of ripe apples with the aromatic sweetness of pure maple syrup. Mix the chutney with maple applesauce from Stonewall Kitchen for a fruity sweet base. If you desire more maple flavor in your sauce, adjust the mixture's consistency with one of the delicious maple syrup variations from Crown Maple. There are no limits to the flavor profile. For example, choose the vanilla-infused maple syrup for a hint of vanilla or the bourbon barrel-aged limited edition for the typical bourbon taste that also pairs wonderfully with apples.

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Holiday Spiced Cranberry Sauce

The Holiday Spiced Cranberry Sauce, with its aromatic mix of fruity cranberries and oranges along with spicy ginger, is already perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner as it is. However, with just a few tweaks, you can extract some special flavor nuances from the sauce.

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With its ginger note, the Holiday Spiced Cranberry Sauce is an ideal base for a spiced sweet honey ginger cranberry sauce. Simply add some honey of your choice to the sauce, and you have a spiced sweet flavor tip with a combination of slightly Asian spice and a Christmas touch. If you want to further enhance your sauces, we recommend using White Ginger Syrup from Sonoma Syrup to season it. After your festive meal, you can even mix a delicious cocktail or latte with it. Alternatively, you can use our in-house ginger lime marmalade with its slightly tangy lime notes.

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Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly

Last but not least, we have a hot tip for your unforgettable Thanksgiving dinner, in the truest sense of the word. The Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly combines the fruity flavor of cranberries with the unique heat of jalapeños and cayenne pepper. The mild spiciness of the jelly is an ideal base for slightly spicy sauces that effortlessly elevate any traditional festive meal.

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Try using the jelly as a base for a spicy ginger lime cranberry sauce. The heat from jalapeños and cayenne pepper, combined with the fruity cranberries and a spicy touch of ginger, is skillfully seasoned with tangy accents of fresh lime juice. It's easy to achieve with our in-house ginger lime marmalade. Simply mix in some cranberry or orange juice for the desired consistency, and you'll have a special hit on your festive menu. However, we recommend not diluting it with lime juice to avoid over-acidifying the finished sauce. Adding a splash for seasoning is always welcome.

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And last but not least, a tip for adults. For your Christmas roast, try an opulent red wine cranberry sauce. Instead of using juices like the other sauces, season this jelly with a generous splash of red wine. Whether sweet or more robust is entirely up to your personal taste. The mild spiciness of the jelly enhances the fruity flavors in the wine and rounds off the taste experience in a truly unique way. If you prefer it a bit sweeter, mix in a spoonful of Red Pepper Jelly from Stonewall Kitchen. The blend of red bell pepper, cane sugar, and cayenne pepper adds more depth of flavor thanks to the additional sweetness.

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However you prefer to enjoy your festive roast, we hope you've gained some ideas to make this year's Thanksgiving truly special.