A Fresh Perspective - Why Should Mint Not Be Missing at Christmas?

Candy Canes

What French fries with ketchup are to North Germans, the red and white striped candy canes are to Americans, especially during Christmas. The aromatic candy canes made from fresh peppermint are an integral part of the Christmas festivities in the USA. And it's not just during Christmas; Americans are almost crazy about fresh mint, with a proud 70% of all peppermint being grown in the USA today. But what makes these fresh leaves so special that our friends from the other side of the Atlantic simply can't resist them, especially during the holiday season?

A Fresh Boost for Body and Mind

Peppermint has a calming effect – this was known even in ancient times. The Romans attributed disarming effects to the plant. During the Roman era, envoys would always carry a fresh sprig of mint hidden in their garments. Given its calming effect, it's not surprising that peppermint became an integral part of the reflective Christmas season.

Furthermore, peppermint complements the often heavy, richly spiced Christmas treats from roast goose to gingerbread. Similar to pickled ginger with sushi, the freshness of peppermint and the cool sensation it leaves behind serve as an ideal palate cleanser between various festive delights. Additionally, peppermint aids in digestive disorders. Considering the often fatty treats, it's no wonder that Americans love to have a cup of peppermint tea on hand. The flavor of peppermint pairs particularly well with black or green tea, as well as varieties based on hibiscus.

If you too want to enjoy the benefits and the festive aroma of fresh peppermint tea, we recommend the fresh Peppermint Extract from Nielsen Massey. This allows you to savor the taste akin to fresh candy canes quickly, not only in tea but also in wonderfully festive baked goods, cocktails, and desserts.

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And if, like us, you enjoy snuggling up on the couch during the cold season, especially at Christmas, with a cozy cashmere blanket and a delightfully warm cup of hot chocolate, be sure to add a touch of the fresh Peppermint Extract here too. For even more warm Christmas vibes, we recommend adding a few sweet Dandies Mini Vanilla Marshmallows.

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Of course, delicious baked goods are also part of Christmas. Whether it's cookies or cakes, the fresh extract pairs with every festive treat like a warm glove in winter weather. If you can't get enough of the flavor of Christmassy fresh mint, then when baking, it's best to not only use the Nielsen Massey extract but also Guittard's Chocolate Chips Green Mint with their combination of sweet chocolate and refreshing mint. This will give your Chocolate Chip Cookies & Co. a top-tier Christmas taste.

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In addition to the delectable treats, baking from scratch also imparts wonderful aromas. The mix of warm and minty notes quickly fills the kitchen, spreading comforting Christmas vibes. If you don't want to miss out on these aromas even while relaxing on the couch with freshly baked cookies and a hot mint hot chocolate, we have exciting news. The soon-to-be Santas at Country Candle have created a range of fantastic scents inspired by typical American peppermint sticks, which can infuse your home with freshness and relaxation, almost like in the days of ancient Rome.

With Peppermint Twist and Candy Cane Lane, the slightly sweet freshness of candy canes is clearly at the forefront. And for the scent Candy Cane Cheesecake, the experts at Country Candle have blended fruity notes of lemon zest and a touch of sweet caramel, as well as hints of vanilla, cocoa, and brown sugar, creating an all-encompassing Christmas package in scent form.

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Allow yourself to be convinced by the calming and relaxing effects of mint, just like our friends in America. Because not only during Advent, a little more peace and tranquility at our fingertips can certainly do us all good.