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Dish Cloths, Kitchen Towels & Textiles from Stonewall Kitchen

Dish cloths and kitchen towels are great for drying dishes and other items you’ve just washed in the kitchen. However, these handy textiles are put into use in so many other ways as well. After a spill has been cleaned, the wet surface is dried with a kitchen towel or a dish cloth. When baking homemade bread, the dough is covered with a kitchen towel while rising. Or when picnicing or grilling out, food is covered with a kitchen towel to keep out pesky flies. No bottom plate for holding hot plates or bowls? Then reach for the tried and true kitchen towel. And how often without even thinking about it do we conveniently grab a kitchen towel to protect our hands when reaching into the hot oven or when gripping hot pots or pan handles?

As you can see, dish cloths and kitchen towels are important little helpers! In addition, they can add a decorative highlight to your kitchen. American Heritage has a fine selection of various trendy designs to add some flare to your kitchen depending on your style, the season, or even holiday.


100% Cotton Dish Cloths

Cotton dish cloths are the classic among kitchen textiles simply because they are better at drying and easier to clean than dish towels made with synthetic fibers. Cotton is advantageous, on the one hand, for drying plates and silverware, etc., because it is highly absorbent. On the other hand, cotton dish cloths can be cleaned rather easily in the wash machine, even at high temperatures. Our dish cloths and kitchen towels from Stonewall Kitchen are made of 100% cotton simply because it’s the best when it comes to drying and cleaning.


Washing Your Dish Cloths Correctly

Dish cloths take care of many jobs in the kitchen. That’s why it’s even more important that they’re cleaned regularly and correctly. We recommend washing dirty kitchen towels at at least 60 degrees Celsius (max. 95 deg. C) in order to rid them of bacteria and dirt, and to prevent discoloration. Do not use fabric softener when washing the hand towels because it could decrease the drying capacity of the dish cloths.