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  1. Anchors Away Cupcake Papers

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  2. Cupcake Apron from Jessie Steele

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  3. Sailboat Cupcake Papers

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Cupcakes – Paper Molds at American Heritage

Cupcakes (also known in England as “fairy cake”) are small cakes which are baked in a cup-size baking mold. They are usually topped with a decorative icing made of creamy butter and sugar. It just so happens that cupcakes were actually originally baked in a cup, hence the name. Today, baking molds made of paper or silicon, or a muffin pan can be used to bake the delicious little handheld cakes.


Cupcake Baking Papers with Decorative Themes

Decoratively themed cupcake baking papers make all the difference when it comes to birthdays, weddings, or whatever the celebration. At American Heritage, you’ll find cupcake baking papers in a variety of colors and themes to suit your special occasion. Eating doesn’t start with your mouth, it starts with your eyes! Allow these delightfully decorative cupcake papers to draw your guests’ attention to the delicious little baked good. With cupcake papers, you’ve decorated your cupcakes simply by baking them, and your guests won’t be able to resist reaching for one!


Our Baking Tip for Cupcake Baking Papers

Our colorful cupcake baking papers are imported from the USA from Cupcake Creations. The cupcake baking papers are made with a more stable paper then regular cupcake papers. Using the cupcake baking papers from Cupcake Creations, you do not need any other baking pan (as opposed to other baking papers). Simply fill the paper molds halfway with cupcake batter and bake as usual. The rigid cupcake baking papers have yet another advantage. The cupcakes are prettily decorated as soon as they’re done baking because the paper cupcake mold does not become see-through. Try out our cupcake baking papers from Cupcake Creations, and you’ll be convinced of the excellent quality!