Fall Favorites: The new autumn candle collection by Kringle and Country 2024

Fall Favorites: The new autumn candle collection by Kringle and Country 2024 | American Heritage

Discover the New Fall Scents from Kringle Candle at American Heritage!

We're excited to introduce Kringle Candle's enchanting new fall collection in our latest blog post. Dive into the delightful fragrance descriptions of each candle and find your new favorites for the cozy season. As autumn approaches, with its golden leaves and crisp air, what better way to embrace the season than with the warm glow of Kringle Candle’s 2024 fall collection? From large to medium, tumbler to Daylights and Wax Melts, there’s a perfect size for every space. Before we explore the scents, let's highlight why candles are a must-have for the colder months.

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NEW: 2024 Spring Fragrances from Kringle & Country Candle

NEW: 2024 Spring Fragrances from Kringle & Country Candle | American Heritage

Discover the perfect scents to rejuvenate your home - As nature awakens and Spring arrives, indulge in the refreshing and floral aromas that will transform your living space into an invigorating oasis. Discover the latest collection of NEW Spring fragrances from Kringle Candle, created especially for this season of renewal.

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Scent Creators for DIY - Our Tips for Crafting Your Very Own Room Fragrance.

You can easily make your own air freshener
If love is known to go through the stomach, then personal well-being undoubtedly goes through the nose. Many aspects of our daily lives are often, quite unconsciously, directly influenced by the scents that surround us. With our quick and easy DIY tips, creating your very own air freshener is a breeze, and you can make it using products right from your own kitchen.

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Cold Days & Warm Souls - How a Small Flame Can Have a Big Impact

Cozy Candlelight
The days are now becoming shorter, and soon we'll only feel the gentle warmth of sunlight for a fraction of the day. As the light diminishes, so does the warmth, and we trade our T-shirts for cozy, knitted cashmere sweaters, our sun hats for beanies, and we start to yearn for light and warmth. So, it's not surprising that during the cold season, we humans satisfy this yearning with candles.

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Colorful Living – The Color Psychology of the Living Room

 The Color Psychology of the Living Room

Red, Blue, Green, or maybe Purple?

Whether consciously or not, colors say a lot about us. From the choice of our clothing to our very own four walls, the colors we use to present ourselves are an expression of our deepest emotions and unconscious perceptions. There's even a dedicated science surrounding our relationship with the colors that surround us: the so-called color psychology.

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Essential Oils - The Natural Miracle for Your Home

 Essential Oils in Hand Soaps and Candles

Do you believe there are scents that can help you simply relax after a stressful day? Scents that gift you with a sense of inner calm and harmony, while also giving you an extra dose of energy to keep giving it your all? Ideally, experiencing such a fragrance repeatedly, even in everyday life, and enjoying it, even if only for a short time, would be perfect.

Why not give essential oils a try, as they contain the concentrated life force of an entire plant.

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