Scent Creators for DIY - Our Tips for Crafting Your Very Own Room Fragrance.

You can easily make your own air freshener
If love is known to go through the stomach, then personal well-being undoubtedly goes through the nose. Many aspects of our daily lives are often, quite unconsciously, directly influenced by the scents that surround us. With our quick and easy DIY tips, creating your very own air freshener is a breeze, and you can make it using products right from your own kitchen.

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Cold Days & Warm Souls - How a Small Flame Can Have a Big Impact

Cozy Candlelight
The days are now becoming shorter, and soon we'll only feel the gentle warmth of sunlight for a fraction of the day. As the light diminishes, so does the warmth, and we trade our T-shirts for cozy, knitted cashmere sweaters, our sun hats for beanies, and we start to yearn for light and warmth. So, it's not surprising that during the cold season, we humans satisfy this yearning with candles.

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Colorful Living – The Color Psychology of the Living Room

 The Color Psychology of the Living Room

Red, Blue, Green, or maybe Purple?

Whether consciously or not, colors say a lot about us. From the choice of our clothing to our very own four walls, the colors we use to present ourselves are an expression of our deepest emotions and unconscious perceptions. There's even a dedicated science surrounding our relationship with the colors that surround us: the so-called color psychology.

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Essential Oils - The Natural Miracle for Your Home

 Essential Oils in Hand Soaps and Candles

Do you believe there are scents that can help you simply relax after a stressful day? Scents that gift you with a sense of inner calm and harmony, while also giving you an extra dose of energy to keep giving it your all? Ideally, experiencing such a fragrance repeatedly, even in everyday life, and enjoying it, even if only for a short time, would be perfect.

Why not give essential oils a try, as they contain the concentrated life force of an entire plant.

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Upcycling - Breathing New Life into Candle Jars

 Upcycling for Candle Jars

The favorite candle that held many cherished memories has unfortunately burned out in the end, its familiar scent completely faded away. Scents quickly transport us to memories and nostalgia, providing a sense of calm and comfort. It would be a shame to discard this loyal companion into a glass container, wouldn't it? And with the stylish candle jars from Kringle and Country Candle, even after burning out, so many more memories can be created. Surprised? Then join us on our little journey through the house as we show you how to give new life to your candle jars with ease.

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What is better: paraffin or soy wax?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paraffin and Soy Wax Candles

Fire is undeniably one of humanity's most important discoveries. For our ancestors, taming and harnessing this natural force for our purposes was a challenging endeavor. Yet, it dramatically eased our lives in many ways. It provided us with cooked food, warmth, and, not least of all, light independent of the sun, moon, and stars.

The candle was a milestone in our use of light. Torches burned out quickly, making them limited as primitive light sources. Scientific findings indicate that this problem was evident to our earliest ancestors. Even Cro-Magnon people used stone vessels with a wick burning in liquid fat or oil — and this was happening about 40,000 years ago.

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Mason Jars - 16 Impressive Home Decoration Ideas

 Mason Jars DIY Ideas

In the year 1858, John Landis Mason invented and patented the Mason Jars that are now well-known. The Ball Corporation, a company that early on focused successfully on manufacturing glass containers, is responsible for the term Ball Mason Jars being commonly used today. The Ball Mason Jars feature an external thread around the glass opening, to which a metal ring can be screwed. This metal ring presses a separate, disc-shaped steel lid against the edge of the glass. An integrated rubber ring on the underside of the lid ensures a hermetic seal. As nothing can enter or exit, Mason Jars are perfect for preserving food.

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Milk Paint - Environmentally Friendly Paint with a Long Tradition

Milk Paint with brush

Milk Paint is also known in this country as Milk Paint or Casein Paint. Casein, a protein component that is also found in milk, is an extremely important binder in Milk Paint. In addition to the included casein, clay, lime, and earth pigments are part of Milk Paint.

The natural Milk Paint is very environmentally friendly and even compostable. Furthermore, it is free from chemical preservatives. Petroleum products are also not used in the colors. Additionally, lead is completely avoided.

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