Time to get spooky - Halloween Limited Edition Candles for Your Halloween 2023

Halloween Limited Edition from Kringle Candle

Halloween is just around the corner and we are looking forward again this year to especially scary and aromatic moments with the special candles from the Halloween Limited Edition of Kringle Candle. Some of the great fragrance highlights for this year are unfortunately already out of stock so do not wait long and secure now your Halloween atmosphere, as fresh from America, for your home.

7 Days Scented Candle

7 Days

Feel how this floral fresh fragrance rises from nothing after lighting as if by magic. You can hardly wait until after the first notes of cedar, patchouli, geranium and musk, floral accents of apple and jasmine blossoms, as well as fresh aromatic accents of mint and thyme slowly mix into the atmosphere. Finishing with fresh aromas of grass and herbs that will surely refresh you pleasantly the long burning time and no matter how many days you ultimately take yourself for this pleasure.

Scented Candle 7 Days - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Fresh
  • Top notes: dewy green, herbaceous leaves
  • Mid notes: apple blossom, jasmine flowers, mint leaves, thyme
  • Base notes: cedar, patchouli, geranium, musk

Apparition Scented Candle


As if from nowhere, this fragrance appears in your home. The soft notes of wet leather and sweet tobacco leaves blur with the scent of cedar and moss into a natural mix of fragrances. Patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver form a strong base of woody-sweet scents with which the good atmosphere will stay in your home for a long time, instead of disappearing as if by magic.

Scented Candle Apparition - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fresh, Manly, Sweet
  • Top notes: wet leather, sweet tobacco leaves
  • Mid notes: cedar, moss
  • Base notes: vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood

Black Cat Scented Candle

Black Cat

Time to let the cat out of the bag. The basis for this cat-and-mouse game of the best aromas is a blend of cedar and incense. A hint of cloves and aromatic notes of spicy cinnamon skillfully round out this great fragrance. And don't worry - crossing the path of this cat in no way means bad luck, except that you might become hopelessly addicted to the aroma.

Scented Candle Black Cat - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Cinnamony, Smoky
  • Top notes: spicy cinnamon
  • Mid notes: cloves
  • Base notes: cedar, incense

Blood Moon Scented Candle

Blood Moon

Experience how fruity aromas enter your home with this fragrance. Oranges, bergamot, cassis and pomegranate shimmer through an aromatic spicy cloud layer of cloves, cedar and incense and spread a pleasant freshness. Enjoy the awakening of this fragrance, but be careful not to howl at the moon with excitement.

Scented Candle Blood Moon - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fruity, Smoky
  • Top notes: cassis, tamarind pulp, cedar, bergamot
  • Mid notes: pomegranate, blood orange, clove
  • Base notes: incense, acai Berry, orange blossom, wild ivy

Candy Corn Scented Candle

Candy Corn

The sweet classic - not only for Halloween. The basis for this sweet temptation is an almost wintry scent blend of aromatic vanilla and the scent of roasted almonds. Over time, spicy notes of nutmeg and cinnamon but also an extra hint of sweet praline become noticeable, giving the fragrance its clearly autumnal character. The conclusion of the sweet scent is, as with the delicious popcorn, caramel and butter together with a dash of honey for even more seductive sweetness.

Scented Candle Candy Corn - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Cinnamony, Sweet Vanilla
  • Top notes: caramel, golden honey, butter
  • Mid notes: sweet praline, nutmeg, cinnamon
  • Base notes: creamy vanilla, roasted almonds

Cemetery Lane Scented Candle

Cemetery Lane

Who would have thought that a creepy midnight walk through the cemetery could smell so seductive? Floral notes of iris and patchouli mingle with a woody base of musk and cedar and oak aromas. Add sweet notes of moss and earth for a uniquely atmospheric midnight stroll.

Scented Candle Cemetery Lane - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Manly
  • Top notes: dark musk, irises
  • Mid notes: patchouli, dried oak
  • Base notes: moss, cedar, sweet earth

Coffin Rock Scented Candle

Coffin Rock

This candle is the nail in the coffin for bad scents. Woody, spicy notes transition into an aromatic blend of patchouli, lemon and sage. The dregs of this scent are a combination of oakmoss, musk and warm cedar. A fragrance to die for.

Scented Candle Coffin Rock - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Manly, Citrus
  • Top notes: woody, herbaceous, spicy
  • Mid notes: patchouli, dried lemon, silver sage
  • Base notes: oak moss, musk, warm cedar

Day of the Dead Scented Candle

Day of the Dead

This fragrance is a true celebration of good aromas. The party starts with a mixture of jasmine along with woody and typical oriental notes. Over time, floral aromas are introduced. At the end of the evening, the celebration is crowned by the tangy scent of fresh citrus. A true feast of joy - not only for the nose.

Scented Candle Day of the Dead - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Citrus
  • Top notes: Citrus
  • Mid notes: flower aroma
  • Base notes: oriental notes, woody tones, jasmine

Dungeon Scented Candle


There is no escape. Let yourself be captivated by this simple but uniquely aromatic fragrance blend of earth, cedar and moss with a sweet hint of tonka beans. This fragrance will capture you taste and not let go so easily.

Scented Candle Dungeon - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fresh, Sweet
  • Top notes: earthy
  • Mid notes: cedar
  • Base notes: tonka, moss

Fright Night Scented Candle

Fright Night

No need to be afraid, but this fragrance really has it in terms of fruity notes. First, a hint of orange, lemon and other citrus unfolds, which gently transitions into notes of exotic patchouli. The conclusion of this fruity high-flyer is a selection of fruit aromas for fresh, fruity accents.

Scented Candle Fright Night - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fruity, Citrus
  • Top notes: fruity notes
  • Mid notes: patchouli
  • Base notes: citrus

Graveyard Fog Scented Candle

Graveyard Fog

In this mist we like to get lost. The freshness of eucalyptus combines speilend with spicy and almost Christmas notes of cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. The base for this aromatic fragrance is a warm blend of amber, leather and cedar.

Scented Candle Graveyard Fog - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fresh
  • Top notes: galbanum, eucalyptus, cardamom
  • Mid notes: cinnamon, vetiver, cloves
  • Base notes: amber, leather, cedar

Graveyard Night Scented Candle

Graveyard Night

The basis for this fragrance, which captures the diversity of Halloween better than almost any other, is an aromatic blend of classic musk together with slightly powdery notes and a dash of milk, which together creates an almost earthy base. From this breeding ground sprout fruity and spicy aromas of pumpkin, clove and cinnamon with the signature note of Pumpkin Spice. Over time, more diverse notes blossom, some slightly fruity, others sweet with the seductive depth of caramel, and others again slightly spicy with autumnal star anise. The fruit of this combination is a unique autumn fragrance experience like no other.

Scented Candle Graveyard Night - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Cinnamony, Fruity, Sweet
  • Top notes: caramel, fruity, laurel, anise
  • Mid notes: pumpkin spice, cloves, cinnamon
  • Base notes: sweet milk, musk, powdery

It's Alive Scented Candle

It's Alive

Bring your home back to life with this unique fragrance too. A warm blend of wood and amber greets the newly risen as they rise from the grave. A blend of fern and smoke along with aromatic herbs is sure to make any nose welcome the unlife with open arms.

Scented Candle It's Alive - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fresh
  • Top notes: green, herbaceous
  • Mid notes: fourgere-accord, smoke
  • Base notes: wood, amber

Lady Darkness Scented Candle

Lady Darkness

Like a phantom, this aromatic fragrance mix appears almost out of nowhere. Floral accents of black roses and jasmine, together with a fruity note of bergamot, lie like a veil on the seductive base of moss, wood and amber.

Scented Candle Lady Darkness - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Fruity
  • Top notes: black rose, aromatic
  • Mid notes: bergamot, jasmine
  • Base notes: moss, amber, wood

Legends & Lore Scented Candles

Legends & Lore

This fragrance spins a dark scent legend of a special kind. The prologue of tangy lemon, soothing balsam and fresh eucalyptus leads the plot into a blend of tobacco, jasmine and turnip. The epilogue is a base of black cedar, sandalwood and amber.

Scented Candle Legends & Lore - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Fresh, Citrus
  • Top notes: lemon, balsam, eucalytpus
  • Mid notes: tobacco flower, jasmine, turnip
  • Base notes: black cedar, sandalwood, amber

Nevermore Scented Candle


Nevermore... will you have to worry about the perfect mood in your home with this scented candle. The prelude is a mixture of chai and sweet honey. These are harmoniously complemented by notes of sandalwood and fresh tea. The final touch is a touch of cinnamon along with floral notes for a multi-layered fragrance experience.

Scented Candle Nevermore - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Cinnamony, Flowery, Sweet
  • Top notes: chai, honey
  • Mid notes: sandalwood, tea
  • Base notes: cinnamon, flowery

Pandora's Box Scented Candle

Pandora's Box

Open Pandora's box of perfect room fragrances. A blend of liqueur, cardamom and smoke settles on a soothing mix of cashmere, violet and leather. Notes of musk, vanilla and patchouli round out this treasure with a comforting blend of aromas. And like Pandora's Box, you just can't close the lid after the first sniff.

Scented Candle Pandora's Box - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Fruity, Vanilla
  • Top notes: liqueur, cardamom, smoke
  • Mid notes: cashmere, violet, leather
  • Base notes: musk, vanilla, patchouli

Poison Apple Scented Candle

Poison Apple

Dare to take a sniff and let yourself be seduced by this fruity fragrance in a class of its own. A deep base of amber, aromatic vanilla and classic oriental oud wood exudes a mysterious feeling and the expectation of highlights and accents. These don't take long to arrive with floral notes of jasmine, lily of the valley and classic apple blossom. The final bite of this fragrance is given by fruity aromas of apple and bergamot, which combine everything into a seductive overall scent. Who can resist?

Scented Candle Poison Apple - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Fruity, Vanilla
  • Top notes: apple, bergamot
  • Mid notes: apple blossom, lily of the valley, jasmine
  • Base notes: amber, vanilla, oud wood

Redrum Scented Candle


Welcome to our hotel of great scents. Our fresh paneling smells of cloves, wood and black salt. For special accents, your room has been decorated with a fragrant bouquet of patchouli, roses and tobacco leaves. Enjoy your stay with the lingering aromas of gray amber, vanilla, oud and a hint of musk. You definitely won't want to check out of this fragrance experience ever again.

Scented Candle Redrum - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Fruity, Manly, Vanilla
  • Top notes: cloves, fresh, wood, black salt
  • Mid notes: patchouli, rose, tobacco leaves
  • Base notes: gray amber, vanilla, musk, oud

Scarecrow Scented Candle


Feel free to get lost in this field of oriental accents. The silent signposts lure you ever deeper into the enchanted maze of great scents with seductive aromas of leather, tobacco, bergamot and fresh herbs. Just be careful not to lose your way in this labyrinth of pleasant scents.

Scented Candle Scarecrow - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fruity, Manly
  • Top notes: tobacco, oriental
  • Mid notes: bergamot, herbaceous
  • Base notes: leather, amber

Sinister Scented Candles


Feel the pleasant shudder as this scent slowly flows through your home like a foreboding. Vanilla, amber, coconut and musk create a particularly deep and aromatic basic mood, which is slowly followed by spectral notes of fruity accents of plums, cranberries and Moscato wine. An aromatic mixture of spicy notes of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom provides the final pleasant shiver. Sinister is a truly scary scent (only in the best sense, of course).

Scented Candle Sinister - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Cinnamony, Fruity, Vanilla
  • Top notes: ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom
  • Mid notes: Moscato-wine, plum, cranberries
  • Base notes: amber, vanilla, coconut, musk

Sleepy Hollow Scented Candle

Sleepy Hollow

Come along on an enchanted ride through dark forests, enchanted by the aromatic scents of cloves, anise, cinnamon and laurel. Sweet accents of caramel and fruity notes of pumpkin are galloping into your home. Enjoy this seductive autumnal scent but make sure not to lose your head...

Scented Candle Sleepy Hollow - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fruity, Sweet
  • Top notes: pumpkin, spices, anise
  • Mid notes: cloves, cinnamon, caramel, laurel
  • Base notes: sweet smoke, musk

Trick or Treat Scented Candle

Trick or Treat

No, this candle plays you no tricks but is a real treat for any fan of the seasonal special scents of Kringle Candle. Especially friends of particularly woody scents will be thrilled by the mixture of fir, pine, cedar, guaiac and sandalwood aromas, which are peppered with spicy aromatic accents of cinnamon and cloves, as well as maritime notes and a fruity hint of apple.

Scented Candle Trick or Treat - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Cinnamony, Fruity
  • Top notes: poison apple, green, aldehyde, fir, maritime
  • Mid notes: pine, cinnamon, clove
  • Base notes: sandalwood, musk, cedar, guaiac woods, moss

Vampyre Scented Candle


Give in to this seductive fragrance and experience a very special highlight from the house of Kringle Candle. The beginning makes a sweetly tingling aroma of fruits preserved in brandy. This is followed by wonderfully fruity notes of pomegranate, persimmon and black raspberries. The beguiling bite is brought by a base of laudanum, amber and a hint of dried plums.

Scented Candle Vampyre - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fruity, Sweet
  • Top notes: fruits preserved in brandy, sweet, tangy
  • Mid notes: pomegranate, persimmon, black raspberry
  • Base notes: laudanum, fried plums, amber

Werewolf Scented Candle


With this spicy fragrance can quickly awaken the inner animal. The transformation begins with an aromatic blend of vetiver and patchouli. Woody notes and a spicy hint of peppercorns slowly rise to the nose. The base is soothing warm amber with a hint of spice.

Scented Candle Werewolf - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Fruity, Manly
  • Top notes: vetiver, patchouli
  • Mid notes: wood, peppercorn
  • Base notes: amber, spice

Witches Cauldron Scented Candle

Witches Cauldron

This fragrance is not a simple mumbo jumbo but borders on pure magic with its simple blend and yet enchanting depth of aroma. The base is a mixture of fruity and tangy citrus aromas. On top of this, with each stirring in the witch's cauldron, an increasingly dense layer of spicy incense is laid down. The final touch to this eerie recipe is accents of cedar and floral cloves, which mingle ghostly with the mist of incense and fruit. Try it for yourself and let yourself be bewitched.

Scented Candle Witches Cauldron - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Smoky, Citrus
  • Top notes: cedar, clove
  • Mid notes: incense
  • Base notes: citrus

Witching Hour Scented Candle

Witching Hour

Spend a particularly aromatic witching hour with this fragrance highlight from Kringle Candle. The base for this wonderful fragrance are notes of moss, sandalwood, smoke and sweet tonka beans. On top of this is a floral scent combination of jasmine blossom, blue cypress and violets. Fragrance notes of dried berries and earthy spicy aromas form the skillful conclusion for this particularly relaxing fragrance not only after midnight.

Scented Candle Witching Hour - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery, Smoky, Fruity
  • Top notes: dried berries, earthy spice
  • Mid notes: jasmine blossoms, blue cypress, violet leaves
  • Base notes: smoky, moss, sandalwood, tonka bean

Wolf's Bane Scented Candle

Wolf's Bane

Nature's calling - with this unbelievably simple but exciting scent from Kringle Candle. Can you already feel how the hair begins to stand up? The transformation begins almost unnoticed with subtle powdery notes. Aromatic amber slowly begins to fill your nose. Highlights of floral notes last but not least awaken the instincts and turn night into day with their multi-layered aromas.

Scented Candle Wolf's Bane - the scent-sational facts:

  • Scent: Flowery
  • Top notes: flowers
  • Mid notes: amber
  • Base notes: powdery notes