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Ball Mason Jars – Preserving Jars at American Heritage

Ball Mason Jars are not only recognized all over the world for their iconic design, but are popular today for their variety of uses. The first Mason Jars were created and patented in 1858 by John Landis Mason from New Jersey, USA. The Ball Corporation, which manufactured home canning jars, then began using Mason’s design which is why these American glass preserving jars are known today as Ball Mason Jars.


What kinds of Ball Mason Jars are there?

The Ball Mason Jars are divided basically into the so-called Ball Mason Wide Mouth Jars (preserving jars with a larger opening) and the Ball Mason Regular Jars (preserving jars with a regular opening). These American preserving jars also come available in various colors and sizes. Ball Mason Jars range in size from 4oz to 64oz. American Heritage provides the most convenient and popular Ball Mason Jars with a volume of 8oz (approx. 240 ml) and 16oz (approx. 480 ml).


Ball Mason Jars: The Lid makes all the Difference!

The beloved Ball Mason Jars are suitable for preserving food as well as for keeping and storing coins, buttons, spices, and more. But that’s not all! Depending on the lid chosen (There are numerous types of top attachments for the Ball Mason Jars), your Ball Mason Jar can be transformed into a plethora of new, creative possibilities including trendy decor, piggy banks, lamps, or even soap dispensers. You’ll find 16 impressive and decorative DIY ideas for your home in our blog.


Where can you buy Ball Mason Jars?

You can buy Ball Mason Jars in our shop in Augsburg or from the comfort of your own home in our Online Shop. Additional supplies and accessories are also available at American Heritage. For example, we have spice shaker lids, steel straws, pin cushions, and various decorative lid sets (perfect for making your own DIY gifts!) –everything you need to get started today with the popular Ball Mason Jars!