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  1. Everything Blend from Stonewall Kitchen

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    €164.29 / 1 kg
  2. Popcorn Seasoning Tangy Dill Pickle from Urban Accents

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    €107.43 / 1 kg
  3. Turkey Rub Gewürz from Urban Accents

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    €283.33 / 1 kg
  4. Bone Doctors Gift Set Premium Spice (2 Sauces + 1 Spice)

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    €29.94 / 1 kg
  5. Cajun Street Spice Seasoning from Urban Accents

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    €140.14 / 1 kg
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Everything – The American Spice Mix with Everything

The famous Everything Bagel is flavored with ...you guessed it: a little bit of everything! Sesame seeds, garlic, onions, salt – everything you need to get you going at breakfast. This very popular typical American spice mix was created, of course, using the rest of the other toppings. But this flavorful spice mix is not just for bagels. Use it to enhance salad dressings and delicious aiolis ...the possibilities are endless because this spice mix simply goes on everything!


International Flair – American Spices from Urban Accents

Take a flavorful spice tour around the world with the unique spices from Urban Accents. Start with the Herbes de Provence from Europe, then let your taste-buds travel to Africa to experience Mozambique Peri Peri. On they go to meet Punjab Red Tandoori from South Asia and finally American classic spice mixes like Chicago Steak & Chop or the Kansas City Classic Rub. Urban Accents has just the right unique spice you’ve been searching for without having to travel around the world and back. With Urban Accents, fantastic meals with international flair await no farther than your kitchen spice rack.


Popcorn Seasonings – Popcorn the American Way

Instead of the old sweet or salty popcorn discussion on movie night, how about something new to spice things up for a change? Try our unique and extremely delicious selection of popcorn seasonings from Urban Accents & Co. How about spicy Sriracha flavored popcorn? Or add an aromatic cheese flavor. Sprinkle the sweet cinnamon spice mix over your fresh popped popcorn, or try the zesty Sour Cream & Onion popcorn seasoning. There are no limits when it comes to these fantastic American popcorn seasonings.

We at American Heritage are big fans of two things, BBQ and Popcorn, which is why we’ve created our very own Southern BBQ flavor popcorn seasoning. If you’re a barbeque fan like us, you won’t want to miss out on this unique fiery seasoning. For those looking for a little more classic British flair, however, we highly recommend our Salt & Vinegar flavor popcorn seasoning.


Liquid Smoke – The Insider’s Tip for Grill Fans

Smoky, hot off the grill meat makes BBQ fans’ mouths water. But what do you do if you’re in the mood to grill, and it starts raining? Liquid Smoke is the answer. With only a few drops of Liquid Smoke, meat, veggies and more can quickly be prepared in the pan or oven with an authentic smoky, just off the grill flavor. Hickory wood smoke is captured through condensation for the natural and always authentic smoky aroma of Liquid Smoke.


Barbecue Done Just Right – American Spices & Rubs from Rufus Teague and More

Besides delicious sauces, wonderful barbecue flavor comes from the meat being perfectly marinated or „rubbed“ before being grilled. Whether beef, chicken, or fish, with the American spice rubs from Rufus Teague, each type of meat is perfectly spiced and ready for grilling out. Roasting a turkey American style? Then you need the typical American spices used. Urban Accents has made roasting and grilling super easy with their spice rubs and roasting bags included. Authentic American flavor is no problem!