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My favorite scented candle – 5 bloggers and influencers have decided

Favorite candles of the influencers

Whether fruity, fresh, or sweet – Kringle Candle or Country Candle. Basically, everyone has their personal favorite scented candle. Since tastes are known to differ, we asked five bloggers and influencers on Instagram about their favorite scented candle.

First of all, it wasn't easy for everyone to immediately name their favorite scent – which can certainly be a bit challenging given the wide selection of scented candles – we totally understand that! Nevertheless, all five bloggers and influencers were able to choose their personal favorite scented candle in the end. Which ones are those? See for yourself!

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Yankee Candle Alternative: 5 Reasons We Love Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle is our Yankee Candle Alternative

Scented Candles: some swear by the candles from the largest manufacturer within the USA, while others have embraced an alternative to Yankee Candle candles – a delicate topic. To understand why Kringle Candle is the best Yankee alternative for us, we need to take a look into the past.

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