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Favorite candles of the influencers

No matter if it's fruity, fresh, or sweet – Kringle Candle or Country Candle. Basically, everyone has their own personal favorite scented candle. Since tastes are known to differ, we asked five bloggers and influencers on Instagram about their favorite scented candle.

First of all, it wasn't easy for everyone to immediately name their favorite scent – which can certainly be a bit challenging given the wide selection of scented candles – we totally understand that! Nevertheless, all five bloggers and influencers were able to choose their personal favorite scented candle in the end. Which ones are those? See for yourself!



My favorite scent from Kringle Candle is “Grey” – padi.iii

Image PadiAdmittedly, when I saw the label and the name of the fragrance many years ago, I was skeptical... I'm not a big fan of masculine-strong, heavy scents – however, curiosity won, and I tested the fragrance.

When I smelled it for the first time, I had this “WOW moment”. If I had to describe the scent in one word, it would definitely be “sensual”.

A wonderfully sweet blend of cedar, vanilla, and sandalwood is the first thing you notice as the scent unfolds warmly. Beneath that, there are warm notes of musk, patchouli, and a hint of tonka bean, which give the fragrance “Grey” its subtle aroma and richness.

A fresh, citrusy note beautifully rounds off the scent.


On her successful YouTube channel “WhatPadiLoves”, you can discover many interesting candle videos alongside book reviews. Padi is also active on Instagram and dedicates herself to thrilling mysteries and great candles. Be sure to check it out!



“Archives” – a dream of a scent – pueppii__

Image pueppiiA memory of a time that is no longer here... Comfort, warmth, love... Change, happiness, sorrow... Missing...

All of that and so much more crosses my mind when I light up “Archives” and simply smell the scent. It evokes so many memories, makes me smile, and simultaneously warms my heart so much. Without knowing which men's fragrance it resembles, it immediately became my number 1 among scents, and I'm incredibly glad that “Anniversary” smells just the same, because unfortunately, the “Archives” scented candle is no longer available...

“Archives” is an absolute feel-good scent and allows me to fully relax. For me, it's a perfect candle scent that's unparalleled.

The fragrance notes include, among others: orange, bergamot, patchouli, and tobacco.


Sara engages with various products in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle on Instagram. We also regularly visit her Instagram account and are overwhelmed by her amazing photos every time!



“Cilantro, Apple & Lime” – an carefree scent of warm summer days – fraeulein_liebesklee

Image fraeulein_liebeskleeWhen it came to picking out and describing one of my absolute favorite candles, the scent of “Cilantro, Apple & Lime” by Country Candle immediately came to mind.

For me, it's simply the essence of summer, lightness, and freshness.

At first, the blend of cilantro, apples, and limes might sound a bit unusual, but anyone who takes a whiff of it will fall in love with the carefree scent of warm summer days.

The base notes are composed of musk, tonka bean, and vanilla, complemented perfectly by the scent of apples, herbs, and refreshing limes.

If I were to run a wellness center, this would be my first choice candle. When I come home after a tiring day, I know exactly which candle to pick from the shelf to forget about the rest of the world: “Cilantro, Apple & Lime” by Country Candle!


Josephine, also known as Fine, manages the Instagram account “Fräulein Liebesklee”. There, Fine shares great pictures of her private life with us. The positive atmosphere of the pictures has convinced us more than once, which is why we always look forward to new posts! She has visited our stores several times and is still a very welcome guest.



“Watercolors” is extraordinary and multifaceted - beautymango

Image beautymangoWhen asked about my favorite Kringle Candle scent, I actually didn't have to think long, because Watercolors is so extraordinary and multifaceted that it belongs in every candle collection. It's a scent that fits particularly well in spring and summer.

It has the fruity sweet note of strawberries and apples. But it's not a heavy sweetness that gives you a headache. Watercolors also has a slightly fresh and floral note. I can't describe the scent 100% because it's just as diverse as the beautiful label promises. As Kringle Candle puts it so nicely: "The scent is as diverse as a box of watercolors." I can definitely vouch for that.


On Instagram, Christine is dedicated to the areas of beauty, lifestyle, and travel. Since 2011, she has been blogging on about beauty, lifestyle, food & travel.



Mysterious & sexy – the scented candle “Grey” –

Image GlamshineEspecially in the autumn, I love to be cozy at home with a good book in hand. A candle must not be missing! I currently love the Kringle Candle “Grey”. I've wanted this candle for so long - especially since the movie “Shades of Grey.” I love not only the design of the candle, but also the wonderful scent.

I would describe the scent as a combination of mysterious and sexy. I love the touch of citrus fruits, as well as the exotic nuances of sandalwood. You can also clearly smell the vanilla and the spicy-warm combination! For me, it's the perfect autumn and winter scent.


Moni has been a blogger since 2009 and focuses on topics such as fashion, lifestyle, and beauty on On her Instagram account, you can find interesting product tests as well as private insights that make the account very diverse.



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