Cold Days & Warm Souls - How a Small Flame Can Have a Big Impact

Cozy Candlelight

The days are now becoming shorter, and soon we'll only feel the gentle warmth of sunlight for a fraction of the day. As the light diminishes, so does the warmth, and we trade our T-shirts for cozy, knitted cashmere sweaters, our sun hats for beanies, and we start to yearn for light and warmth. So, it's not surprising that during the cold season, we humans satisfy this yearning with candles.

Nowadays, we don't really need candles anymore, but it seems like we might need them more than ever now.

Candles are no longer meant to light our homes and aren't a significant light source for us. Unlike in the past when candles served to provide light during late hours, they have now become more of a symbol or carrier of meaning. On birthdays, during the Christmas season, while relaxing on the sofa, or during a romantic dinner - candles are seen again and again, and on all occasions, their light offers us peace and inner tranquility.

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Why Does Candlelight Bring Us Peace?

The effect of bright light with high blue content - like our modern ceiling lamps - is very stimulating; this light has the same effect as an espresso - it keeps us awake.

On the other hand, light with very low blue content, such as candlelight, acts like a soothing tea on us. It prompts us to want to rest and relax. Ultimately, it's the low blue content in candlelight that makes it so appealing to us humans; it also helps us improve the production of the hormone melatonin, which supports us in falling asleep.

However, the color of the light alone doesn't make a candle attractive to us - the barely noticeable flicker of the flame, the aroma that rises through the melted wax, and the warmth that emanates from the candle - all these together make lighting a candle so much more beautiful, and we instantly feel safe and experience inner tranquility.

The material from which the candle is made can also have an impact on the effect of its light, but especially on its fragrance. You can read more about this in our blog on the topic.

What Else Does the Calming Glow of Candles Do to Us?

Light, such as that from a candle, stimulates our creativity and encourages interaction with others. So, one could say that the warmer and softer the light is, the more likely it is that interactions with others are built on mutual trust, and we also have more confidence in ourselves. When we think about it, candles are like cozy mini campfires around which we all like to gather to enjoy the company of friends and family or to listen to beautiful stories. The light of a flame has always given us a sense of protection and security, and it reduces our fear of the darkness that surrounds us.

The glow of a candle touches us repeatedly. When a candle illuminates the room, our state of mind changes - the previous restlessness fades away, and a complete serenity envelops us gradually. As we relax step by step with a few deep breaths, feelings of security and warmth spread within us. The soul is fueled by positive emotions like confidence and joy, so now our soul rests as well, and we can finally recharge.

A simple candle can grant us inner peace, but a good scented candle can give us so much more. Relaxation after a long workday in the bathtub - the hot water steams, and you already feel enveloped by the rising warmth; adding your favorite candle creates your own little oasis of well-being.

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Scents and Their Effects on Us

Since our nose directly transmits scents and odors to the brain, our nervous system is stimulated - hormones are released and influence our state of mind within seconds. Specific scents can make us feel different ways as a result.

  • Anise can have a relaxing and balancing effect on the soul; it warms and soothes internal restlessness, as well as tension.
  • Eucalyptus, on the other hand, has an invigorating, refreshing, and liberating effect; it can also be stimulating and strengthening when experiencing a lack of concentration.
  • Vanilla is considered aphrodisiac, uplifting, and warming for most people. Thus, the scent of vanilla is a true remedy against mood swings.
  • Cinnamon is very beneficial for the nerves; it strengthens and provides both a balancing and stimulating mood, and its scent immediately evokes a feeling of security.
  • Bergamot is a true mood enhancer; the scent strengthens us during stress and exhaustion, in addition to alleviating fears and promoting creativity.
  • Rose is a widely used scent - it balances inner restlessness, tension, and general nervousness. Hence, it is also considered an uplifting fragrance.

Scents for Well-Being

Why not try it yourself and determine which scent helps you relax and feel secure? If you'd like to test these scents, we have a range of autumn and winter scents from Country Candle as well as Kringle Candle.


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When things get a bit hectic at American Heritage, we turn to a candle. Barely have we blown out the match, and already a pleasant aroma fills our whole office. This makes working feel much more relaxed. Because how much more peaceful would the world be if we all just lit a candle?