Spicy sauces from Horseshoe Brands

founders from horesshoe brand

Our hot sauces have become so popular that we want to introduce the two founders behind the brand. Ken and Ryan have known each other since kindergarten and have started a small business out of their love for spicy flavors. In our opinion, their factory produces the best hot sauces. Patrick Ryan, who regularly appears on camera and grills for Kabel eins (Grilling like an American), can judge this well: Horseshoe's sauces bring the heat, but still offer an extraordinary flavor!

The three men showcase their favorite sauces: Ryan loves the Kiwi Jalapeno Hot Sauce as an exceptional combination of exotic fruit and spiciness, Patrick Ryan's favorite is the Habanero Hot Sauce, and Ken enjoys it extra spicy with the hottest sauce, XXXTRA Hot Sauce.

Interestingly, Horseshoe covers every kind of spiciness and pepper. Whether it's Habaneros, Jalapenos, Cayenne, or Chipotles - everyone can find their favorite hot sauce.