The Troutman Chair: A Rocking Chair with History

people on a airport

From the Porch to the Airport

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina is, in essence, an ordinary American airport. Opened in 1937, it serves both travelers and cargo transportation. In 2017, it ranked as the tenth largest airport in the USA in terms of passenger movements and the sixth largest in terms of average flight movements. Similar to most major airports, it boasts numerous check-in counters, shops, dining options, and complimentary Wi-Fi. However, there's something that sets the Charlotte Douglas International Airport apart: Scattered throughout the entire airport building are rocking chairs from the Troutman Chair Company, inviting passengers to sit, rock, and relax.

This extraordinary seating addition for an airport made its debut in 1997 during a photo exhibition titled "Porchsitting" in the airport's terminal. Initially, the chairs were from a different manufacturer and were merely intended as props. However, visitors quickly adopted them as alternative seating options, prompting the decision to leave the chairs in place after the exhibition ended. Soon, other American airports followed suit and also placed rocking chairs in their terminal halls.

In the mid-2000s, Jean and Champ Land, then owners of the Troutman Chair Company, were waiting for their flight at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Champ called the airport management and confidently declared, "I've got some better ones!" His products impressed, and today over 100 Troutman Rocking Chairs grace the terminal at Douglas International, offering guests a chance to find tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of modern times, which often prevails in places like airports and train stations. In the digital age, rocking chairs serve as a piece of serene analog world; a simple act of sitting and rocking can instantly provide a sense of calm.

Cherished by Presidents, Perfected by Troutman

Referred to as "rockers" in English, rocking chairs are legendary in the United States and symbolize the essence of American lifestyle. They come in countless shapes and colors, and they find their place on porches during summer as well as by the fireplace during cold winters. They appear time and again in American films and literature. Numerous celebrities have been avid fans of this quintessential American piece of furniture.

Mark Twain often sat in a rocking chair for relaxation and contemplation. Abraham Lincoln was shot while sitting in a rocking chair, and President Kennedy's physician recommended the use of a rocking chair to alleviate Kennedy's back pain. Kennedy embraced the suggestion and soon, wherever possible, he sat in a rocking chair— even in the Oval Office and aboard Air Force One. Kennedy's popularity and his fondness for the chair further elevated the rocking chair's profile, making it even more beloved among the American public.

When Champ Land purchased the Troutman Chair Company in 1998, he recognized that he had acquired a hidden gem. The family-owned business had been crafting rocking chairs with expertise and care since 1924, achieving such success that Land maintained the design of the chairs, making only minor adjustments to enhance production processes. The chairs still pass through the hands of 24 artisans during their creation process. A Troutman Rocking Chair is completed approximately ten months after the wood arrives at the factory, as the production follows traditional woodworking techniques that avoid the use of glue. Thanks to its well-thought-out ergonomic design, a Troutman Rocking Chair naturally sways, instantly inducing relaxation.

Available Models

We offer various models of Troutman Rocking Chairs, each with its unique design and some available in different sizes: