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Avoiding Food Waste - Reasons and Solutions

 Avoiding Food Waste

According to verbraucherzentrale.de, in Germany alone, approximately 12 million tons of food end up in the trash each year - that's nearly 33,000 tons every day. On average, the final consumer discards about 75 kilograms of food per year. But food waste is also contributed by producers, agriculture, and commerce. It should be clear to everyone that wasteful handling of food has a negative impact on the environment and our resources. But did you also know that our behavior has serious consequences for the food supply in poorer countries?

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Stuffed Burger – 3 recipes you won't be able to resist

 Stuffed Burger

Burgers are not only popular in the USA but also in Germany, highly favored. Especially during grilling season, alongside steaks, ribs, and more, burger patties also make their way onto the grill. In this post, we'd like to present to you three very special recipes: Stuffed Burgers in different variations. One of our recipes even made it to television on Kabel 1 with Patrick Ryan.

But before we dive into the delicious Stuffed Burger recipes, let's first clarify what a Stuffed Burger actually is. With a "classic" burger, as most of us know it, the various ingredients are stacked on top of each other. With a Stuffed Burger, the concept is somewhat similar – however, what's different is that additional ingredients are incorporated into the meat. For instance, cheese is placed inside the center of the burger patty, so the cheese is completely enclosed by the meat. The result after grilling? A juicy piece of meat with a deliciously creamy cheese core. With Stuffed Burgers, the emphasis is on the filling of the burger patty. The possibilities are endless. Now, we'd like to introduce you to three irresistible Stuffed Burger recipes that will surely make your mouth water.

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Teriyaki Sauce – Meaning, Origin, Production & Flavor

Food with Teriyaki Sauce

Almost everyone has heard the term “Teriyaki Sauce” or “Chicken Teriyaki” at some point. However, little is known about the history and origin of the widely used Teriyaki Sauce. We've compiled some interesting facts (that you probably don't know yet) about Teriyaki Sauce for you. In this article, you'll learn what Teriyaki actually is, where the term is thought to originate from, how Teriyaki Sauce is produced, and which Teriyaki sauces you should definitely try if you're embarking on a culinary journey to the Asian region.

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Yankee Candle Alternative: 5 Reasons We Love Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle is our Yankee Candle Alternative

Scented Candles: some swear by the candles from the largest manufacturer within the USA, while others have embraced an alternative to Yankee Candle candles – a delicate topic. To understand why Kringle Candle is the best Yankee alternative for us, we need to take a look into the past.

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