Traditional American Easter Meal

American Easter Brunch

Of course, Thanksgiving remains the quintessential American holiday, but even at Easter, the festive Americans shine when it comes to the atmosphere (and especially the typical Easter meal). Classic egg hunts, typical American parades, and, of course, an extraordinary multi-course meal – Easter in the USA is an experience to look forward to every year – not just because of the typical Easter food.

Join us in exploring the highlights of traditional American Easter cuisine from various U.S. states and cities and be surprised by the diverse culinary delights.



Alabama – Chocolate is a favorite at Easter

Alabama is a hidden gem for chocolate enthusiasts and boasts some of the most beloved chocolate shops in America. It's no wonder that locals have a special fondness for the chocolate Easter bunny, which is also popular here. For heartier fare, the state's residents turn to seafood for their American Easter meal, as they can source it themselves thanks to a small coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. A special Easter highlight is Cheddar Scallop Potatoes, a scalloped potato dish with plenty of cheddar cheese and clams.



Alaska – Boiled eggs as a traditional Easter dish

Given its location and climate, it's not surprising that the residents and American cuisine in the far north of the USA tend to be more down-to-earth. Nevertheless, Americans here still savor the traditional Easter meal. American classics from Alaska's Easter cuisine include boiled eggs, tastefully enhanced, for example, as Deviled Eggs with delicious mayonnaise or aioli variations. Highly recommended with boiled eggs is our Scallion Aioli based on fresh spring onions or the spicy Habanero Mango Aioli.


Also popular (not just at Easter), as it's located near Canada, are freshly baked pancakes. For a pleasantly fruity touch, a little orange extract is often added to sweet dishes, which not only adds a fine aroma but also pairs particularly well with the sweetness of pure maple syrup.



Hawaii – Exotic cuisine meets traditional Easter fare

Hawaiian cuisine is an absolute treasure trove of culinary highlights, from roast pig to traditional Lūʻau to Asian-inspired Poke Bowls (you can find more Hawaiian dishes in our blog on the topic). Even for the traditional Easter meal, Hawaiian cuisine has a lot to offer. Particularly popular on the small Pacific islands during the Easter holidays is salmon glazed with brown sugar served on a bed of rice and accompanied by fresh vegetables.



California – Typical German Easter meal in American Easter cuisine

If you spend Easter in California, you'll probably feel somewhat at home, as Californians, like us, typically enjoy delicious lamb for their Easter meal. The classic version is, of course, Roast Lamb, served with onions, herbs, and robust garlic.

And, as in Alabama, Californians also don't want to miss out on sweet chocolate treats for their traditional Easter meal. Fortunately, Californians always have the right baking ingredients on hand from the Guittard Chocolate Company to enhance Easter bread and other desserts with a touch of chocolate.



Maine – Seafood and Fruity Blueberries (Not Just at Easter)

The state of Maine in New England is famous for its delicious lobster, which is considered a staple there. The traditional seafood is often steamed or boiled and served with butter and other seasonings. Maine is also known for its juicy blueberries (Maine Wild Blueberries). In fact, the northern state is one of the world's largest producers of wild blueberries, which are frequently used in baked goods and desserts. That's why in Maine, fluffy Blueberry Pancakes are often served, topped off with Blueberry Syrup.



Nevada – Easter Bunny, Easter Lamb, and Easter Pig?

While in Germany, the Easter lamb is the classic choice, in Nevada, they traditionally serve pork for Easter. Roast pork is particularly popular, much like how it's enjoyed in Germany. For an extra kick, the crust is often refined with herbs and Dijon mustard before roasting. Personally, we prefer to use Caramelized Onion Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen for this.

For dessert, the highly sought-after American Peeps should not be missing in Nevada. These typical American sweets are similar to marshmallows, which are particularly popular in America and are sold mainly in the form of chicks, especially during spring. For vegans and vegetarians, we have a wonderful alternative with Dandies' vegan marshmallows.



New York City – Variety in Traditional Easter Fare

New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and its cuisine reflects this diversity with a wide range of culinary offerings. Besides hot dogs, which have a strong tradition as street food and are often served with sauerkraut, onions, and mustard, The Big Apple is also known for its New York Cheesecake and pizza (New York Style). While pizza, hot dogs, and such might not be part of the typical American Easter meal, they are highly recommended when visiting the metropolis. Something more suitable for a classic Easter meal would be bagels. In New York, they are somewhat denser and chewier and are often topped with cream cheese, lox, or other spreads. Don't forget to add some Everything Bagel Seasoning, which adds that extra something with its roasted sesame seeds.



The Perfect Easter Meal with American Heritage

If you want to create a special feast for friends and family this Easter, we have some great ideas for your very own, typical American Easter meal.

For appetizers, you can serve the Bread Rolls that are popular in America. Adding aromatic spices to the dough is recommended for Easter. After baking, you can simply serve the bread rolls with some salted butter, and you have the perfect Easter appetizer – or a great breakfast treat beyond the Easter holidays.

In Germany, the typical Easter meal traditionally consists of lamb or salmon. For a bit of variety, we've selected a fantastic alternative from American Easter cuisine. Glazed Ham is an absolute highlight not only for Thanksgiving. To make it, simply glaze a pork roast with a mixture of honey, high-quality maple syrup, and brown sugar before cooking.

As for side dishes, you can offer your guests a wide selection, just as is customary on Thanksgiving. These can be easily and quickly prepared in your own kitchen with some life hacks and products from the Stonewall Kitchen range. Classic mashed potatoes, for example, can be easily enhanced in flavor by mixing in some Roasted Garlic Oil from Stonewall Kitchen. If you're a fan of carrots or parsnips, try roasting them in the oven with a pinch of Herbes de Provence spice from Urban Accents. Lastly, we have a special highlight for the perfect Easter meal that pairs well with lamb and salmon: green beans glazed with maple syrup. With this selection of delicious side dishes, every one of your guests will remember the Easter meal fondly.

And for dessert, to perfect the American Easter meal, we present you with a particularly spring-like dessert: Pina Colada Iced Cake. For the base, a lighter dessert like lemon cake works well. Before serving, simply mix some cream cheese or whipped cream with a few splashes of Pina Colada Drink Mixer from Stonewall Kitchen and give the cake a fruity-creamy topping.

This Easter, let yourself be inspired by the delicacies of American cuisine.