The Beginning of American Heritage: The Green Garage

Green garage of American Heritage

Like all American success stories (think of Apple, HP, Microsoft, and Google), the story of American Heritage also began in a garage. Admittedly, a truly stylish one, as it is dark green. On this occasion, I want to introduce it, because almost ten years ago, our story started there. The first container shipment from America was stored in the green garage. What didn't fit there was accommodated with our friendly neighbors.

Naturally, American Heritage quickly outgrew the garage and today, we're in our fourth warehouse with loading ramps and heavy-duty shelves. However, we are still a family-owned business that gathers special American lifestyle products from the USA and imports them from various regions. Our four stores are all "owner-operated" and staffed with many passionate employees. Our initial customers have become friends over the years, and many new fans continue to join us regularly. Thank you very much!

In June, American Heritage celebrates its tenth anniversary, and this birthday will be appropriately celebrated. Join us in the celebration!