Our range has grown significantly over the years. Despite all our efforts, we still lack cranberry sauce in our offering. Unfortunately, the American manufacturer of a delicious organic sauce wanted to supply us only if we purchased an entire truckload. Cranberry sauce is indeed tasty, but even for me as a devoted cranberry fan, that's too much. Therefore, currently, I have no choice but to make the sauce myself. However, it's so easy, delicious, and healthy!

Wash 150g of fresh cranberries. Mix 120ml of orange juice with half a cup of white sugar and bring to a boil. Add the cranberries and let them simmer gently for a few minutes. By the way, you can identify fresh cranberries by the "pop" sound they make when you drop them onto the kitchen countertop. A similar popping sound is heard when the cranberries are cooking and then burst open. Afterwards, transfer the sauce and let it cool.

In America, cranberry sauce is mainly eaten during holidays like Thanksgiving as a side dish to turkey. However, it also tastes good with cheese or as a dessert (e.g., over vanilla ice cream). I had my first homemade portion of cranberry sauce just like that – straight out of the pot! Enjoy!