Blueberry Harvest in Maine

Blueberry Bushes in New England

The time has come: Fresh blueberries are everywhere in Maine. Many colorful signs indicate where you can even pick your own blueberries: Pick Your Own! It's a culinary delight that's hard to resist! For those who don't want to pick their own, all they need to do is make a brief stop in the car. Along popular roads - such as Route 1 along the coast - farmers stand by the roadside selling the berries in small boxes. You have a choice between the larger, firmer ones and the wild, more aromatic blueberries.

No matter which option you choose, American cuisine offers a variety of blueberry recipes - from fruit salad and jam to blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes. If you're not on the East Coast in Maine, you might alternatively try the blueberry jam from Stonewall Kitchen - the most popular product in the lineup of this "Jam Company" from Maine.

Enjoy Your Blueberries!