Delivery van with an integrated lemonade bar

Today is hot, and it reminds me of summer days in America. There, at various events, markets, and beaches, you can find the popular ice-cold "Fresh Lemonade." Often, lemons are squeezed on the spot and mixed with sugar, water, and ice cubes to create a truly refreshing drink. Along the beaches of New England, there are even delivery vans with an integrated lemonade bar. They offer drinks with various names: Homemade Lemonade, Fresh Lemonade, and Pink Lemonade.

Even the Native Americans used to drink lemonade. Their Pink Lemonade was made from red berries and maple syrup, refreshing the settlers in the colonies. Over time, the ingredients were replaced with more affordable ones like sugar and artificial colorings. American supermarkets now have shelves filled with different drink powders that only need to be mixed with water and ice cubes. Interestingly, pink lemonade contains natural (such as cherry juice) or artificial colorings (the pink lemons are often depicted on the packaging, but their juice is actually clear).

If you're feeling thirsty now, feel free to squeeze a few lemons, add ice cubes and water, and sweeten with white or brown sugar, perhaps honey or mint. Blend it or simply stir it. What matters is what tastes good. And if not, Marty Mummert still has a lovely metal sign!