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You'd like to increase your sales by offering your customers high quality products from the USA? You’re interested in expanding your product line in order to attract new clientele? You want to stand out from the rest and leave the competition behind? Then this is your opportunity! As an exclusive importer, American Heritage has been offering select gourmet foods and lifestyle products wholesale since 2004. Many products in our widespread assortment have already won numerous awards. What are you waiting for? Take the next step together with us at American Heritage.

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    Increased profits from popular, quality American products which practically sell themselves

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    All imported products are readily marketable with the appropriate labels for sale.

Let Our Products Win You Over

American Heritage has been the special importer of premium American brands since 2004 and offers a widespread assortment and an extensive product portfolio in the areas of lifestyle and food. We are your partner to contact if you are interested in high quality products from brand names such as Blackberry Patch, Country Candle, Crown Maple, Guittard Chocolate Company, Horseshoe Brands, Koeze, Kringle Candle, Nielsen-Massey, Rufus Teague, Stonewall Kitchen or Vermints. Would you like to learn how you can increase your sales with our imported products or which brands we have readily available for you at wholesale? Then please contact us at A selection of our most popular brands at American Heritage is listed below.

Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen

The story of the Stonewall Kitchen Company, founded in 1991, begins at a farmers’ market in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where its two founders sold homemade jams and sauces. Over time, Stonewall Kitchen’s products became increasingly popular. The demand grew enormously allowing the company to steadily expand.

Since then, Stonewall Kitchen, now based in Maine, has grown into a respectable company selling its products in over 42 different countries worldwide. The Stonewall Kitchen gourmet brand has won several awards for its high-quality production and use of select ingredients.

The company’s wide range of products includes chutneys, salsa sauces, baking mixes, jams, dipping sauces, spices, aiolis, dessert sauces, maple syrups, BBQ & grill sauces, salad dressings, relishes and much more.

Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle

The Kringle Candle Company was founded in 2009 by Mick Kittredge, son of the former Yankee Candle founder. The wonderfully fragrant scented candles produced by the Kringle Candle Company, based in Massachusetts, differ in many ways, however, from the well-known Yankee Candles.

The true-to-life scented candles from Kringle Candle have a contemporary, elegant design. They are made with premium quality white paraffin wax which can therefore be combined with any style and interior design. The paraffin wax and the lead-free cotton wicks used in Kringle Candles allows for an exceptional, clean burn and sets them apart from ordinary candles. Kringle Candles always have two wicks ensuring the even burning of the candle.

One look at the meticulous and complex manufacturing process of Kringle Candles makes it obvious that creating the most unique authentic scents is not only the highest Kringle priority but also their passion.

Country Candle

Country Candle

Eight years after the creation of Kringle Candle, Mick Kittredge founded Country Candle in 2017. The design of these candles is similar to Yankee Candles. Utilizing an equally complex manufacturing process as Kringle Candles, Country Candles are impressive in their quality and authenticity of the various fragrances. In contrast to Kringle Candles, the wax used in the Country Candles is bright and colorful.

Country Candle offers an exceptionally large selection of fragrances. There are many different scents suitable for every season and occasion. Whether sweet, fruity, fresh or rather floral, Country Candle has always been the right choice for every taste. Country Candle creates exclusive limited edition scents every year which are extremely popular with Country Candle fans.

Crown Maple

Crown Maple

The Crown Maple Company was founded in 2010 in New York’s Hudson Valley. But the Crown Maple story actually goes back to 2007. It was then that the founder of Crown Maple acquired a large piece of property of more than 300 hectares which he originally wanted to use together with his wife for vacation purposes. After buying the property, however, they realized that there were more than 20,000 maple trees growing on it. They were quickly inspired to learn about how to obtain their own higher quality natural maple syrup. After creating and developing a state-of-the-art production process to purify and preserve the maple sap in its purest form, the first batch was produced in 2011. Due to the patented production process, Crown Maple syrup is considered the purest maple syrup in the world. Crown Maple offers a variety of flavors perfect not only for pancakes and waffles but for refining a wide range of delicious recipe ideas.

Horseshoe Brand

Horseshoe Brand

Horseshoe Brand was founded in the heart of the Hudson Valley in the US state of New York. The American company produces delicious, aromatic barbecue sauces made from the freshest natural ingredients.

Find your level of hot! Horseshoe Brand sauces range from mild to very hot ensuring that each customer’s unique tastes are met. The large selection of sauces also makes them perfect for cooking a wide variety of recipes.

To get the desired level of spiciness, Horseshoe Brand uses only high quality chilies. This ensures the excellent and unique flavor of the sauces.

Horseshoe Brand sauces are a must for all barbecue fans who like it a bit hotter! These sauces are essential for an evening of outdoor grilling with friends and family.

Horseshoe Brand sauces also make great gifts for house-warming parties, barbeques, and birthday presents!

Rufus Teague

Rufus Teague

For years, we at American Heritage had been looking for not just a really good BBQ sauce, but for a legendary BBQ sauce. Our prayers were answered with the extraordinary sauces from Rufus Teague.

According to legend, old Rufus worked day and night using only select spices to create the best recipe for the finest barbeque sauces. Having painstakingly perfected his recipe, Rufus would fill the sauce into whiskey bottles. Even today, the sauces are filled in beautifully designed glass bottles reminiscent of whiskey flasks.

Rufus Teague’s legendary BBQ sauce from Kansas City, the BBQ hot spot of the United States, has already won several awards. Why? Because of the absolutely authentic BBQ flavor.

Rufus Teague uses the best natural ingredients to create legendary BBQ sauces. The sauces are non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher so that everyone can enjoy these delicious BBQ sauces!

Besides BBQ sauces, Rufus Teague has also created BBQ spice rubs perfect for making beef, pork, chicken and fish, as well as vegetables legendary.

Guittard Chocolate Company

Guittard Chocolate Company

The delectable chocolate chips from Guittard have been in our assortment for many years now. The reason for this is deliciously simple: Guittard Chocolate is made from the highest quality ingredients, the taste is decadent, and the overall quality is outstanding.

The Guittard Chocolate Company can look back on 145 years of chocolate production with pride. The expertise of five generations makes Guittard Chocolate a company rich in tradition. Their passion for fine chocolate runs in the family – and you can taste it.

Chocolate fans all over the world are crazy about the extraordinarily delicate chocolate chips and the various flavors. These are perfect for baking cakes, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and much more. The Chocolate Chips from Guittard are not only popular with (hobby-) bakers, but also with those with a sweet tooth who love snacking on these fantastic bits of chocolate heaven.

The fine chocolate of the San Francisco-based company is not only a culinary revelation, it is also Non-GMO certified. Simply try Guittard Chocolate, and you’ll taste what we mean!



The family-run Nielsen-Massey company is known for its premium grade bourbon vanilla extracts. The extraordinary taste of the fine vanilla is equal parts sweet, rich, and refined. The wonderful flavor and the light and creamy consistency make the extract perfect for cooking and baking sweet as well as savory dishes.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that the Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract has been the first choice for years by many five-star restaurants, bakeries, and gourmet food stores.

Nielsen-Massey has been producing choice specialities from the precious spice since 1907. The long-standing company uses a special extraction process in the production of their vanilla extract by which the fine vanilla aroma is won in a very painstaking way but whereby the complexity of over 300 flavor components of the vanilla bean remain intact.

Due to the high demand and the popularity of the vanilla extract, Nielsen-Massey decided to expand their line of extracts – a decision met with great success. That’s why besides the premium Vanilla Extract, you’ll also find other popular extracts at American Heritage such as Coffee, Almond, Chocolate, Peppermint, Orange, and Lemon.

H!P Chocolate

H!P Chocolate

The company H!P stands for "Happiness in Plants". Under this guiding principle, H!P Chocolate creates innovative new interpretations of classic chocolate varieties - and 100% vegan. The sustainable production of the chocolate is based on oats instead of milk and thus remains completely animal-free. The creamy, smooth chocolate is refined with classic ingredients such as salted caramel or crunchy cookie chunks.

However, not only the production and ingredients of the vegan chocolate are sustainable. The packaging is also made from organic raw materials and is completely recyclable. Instead of plastic or aluminum foil, the packaging uses natural wood cellulose, which is completely compostable. The beautifully designed outer packaging is also made of recyclable cardboard. The delicious chocolate creations from H!P Chocolate can thus be enjoyed without a guilty conscience - and without harming nature.

Even in the production process, people and our plant are always in the first place. By the way, the best Colombian cocoa is used for the chocolate, so that no compromises have to be made in the taste of the vegan oat chocolate!

The products of H!P Chocolate are imported from the United Kingdom.

Joe & Seph's

Joe & Seph's

Visiting the USA, Joe was inspired by the delicious gourmet popcorn, whereupon he decided without further delay to bring the idea of gourmet popcorn back to his home in England. To this day, Joe and his confectioners in the company's kitchen based in London create fancy popcorn flavors that are one thing above all: irresistibly delicious. This is due to the high-quality and purely natural ingredients that are processed by hand during production to create delicious gourmet popcorn. In addition, the popcorn kernels are not popped in butter or fat as is usually the case. The kernels are popped with hot air and then coated with creamy caramel.

Thanks to the patented process of "flavor sequencing," the enticing aromas of the various flavors are locked into the popcorn itself. Thus, the flavors are gradually released as you chew - while the outer layer, the crunchy caramel, provides the necessary crunch.

In addition to classic and unusual popcorn flavors such as "Goats Cheese & Black Pepper", "Mature Cheddar", "Gin & Tonic", "Caramel & Espresso" or "Caramel Macchiato & Whisky", you will also find vegan alternatives in our range.

The products of Joe & Seph's are imported from the United Kingdom.

About American Heritage

The idea for American Heritage originated during one of our many trips to the USA where we marveled once again over the comfortable rocking chairs that dotted all the welcoming porches. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit one in our suitcase, and due to the size, we also couldn’t reasonably ship one with a regular shipping service. Then came the idea to ship several in a container on a cargo ship and offer them to other rocking chair enthusiasts. In fact, the first green rocking chair was the inspiration for the company’s label. The inspiration for the rest of our assortment came from our own home which we had lovingly decorated with the items we had brought back from the States in our suitcases each time we visited.

American Heritage has been a certified organic retailer since 2017 and is proud to offer organic products from the USA. In addition, we regularly attend specially selected garden trade shows and culinary events. Thus, our stylish assortment of both retail and wholesale products continues to expand and grow. Some of our most popular products are the gourmet foods from family-run and owned businesses such as Stonewall Kitchen and our magnificent scented candles from Kringle Candle of which we are the exclusive retailer and wholesale provider to many European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France.

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