Coeur a la Creme Form

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Coeur a la Creme Form
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There are many recipes to make a delicous Coeur a la Creme, a French dessert especially for birthdays and Valentine's Day. The recipes may include various amounts of the cream cheese or mascarpone, cream, vanilla extract, sugar, and even some fruit. But the one thing they all have in common, is the need for a good Coeur a la Creme form. With these beautiful, specially designed porcelain forms, your dessert will not only taste great but look marvelous. It is designed with holes on the bottom, to help the liquid of the mixture to seep out as the dish sets, leaving a ridiculously creamy and light dessert.

American Heritage Tip: Serve with fruit or even a fruit sauce, such as raspberry or cherry. For the chocolate lovers, try drizzling a chocolate sauce over your heart and sprinking with nuts. Absolutely delicious!

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Delivery Time 1-3 days in Germany, for other countries
Capacity 710 ml; Förmchen 450 ml
Dishwasher Safe No
Material Porcelain

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