A Taste of USA - Welcome to our American (Heritage) Diner

American Heritage Diner

Welcome, dear customer. May I take your order?

Is this your first time here? A regular customer? Just passing through? No worries, everyone is welcome here, whether you're a fan of good American food. Have you made your choice yet? Oh, what would I recommend? Well, if you're asking me like that...



Let's see. What does the clock say? It's still relatively early in the day. How about a late breakfast to get you going?

The crowd-pleaser among our customers is, of course, our extra fluffy pancakes straight from the griddle, optionally with crispy bacon. We serve them with a drizzle of the world's purest maple syrup from Crown Maple. You should definitely try it. I guarantee you won't be the first to keep coming back just for this experience. Or do you prefer something fruity? We also have delicious maple syrup with an extra dose of blueberries.

You can read more about where our maple syrup comes from and why it's so pure here.

➡️ Order Crown Maple Maple Syrup

➡️ Order Crown Maple Blueberry Maple Syrup

Sound good, but you don't want something sweet? Hmm... How about some waffle chicken instead? A freshly baked waffle, a crispy fried piece of chicken, all tastefully rounded off with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dollop of cream. Personally, I would also drizzle some chocolate or caramel sauce over it, but that's just for those with a sweet tooth.

➡️ Order Nielsen-Massey Chocolate Extract

Still too sweet even without caramel? Okay, so something savory it is. We're getting closer. How about some biscuits & gravy then? It might have a slightly British touch for some, but it's definitely worth a try. We cut our biscuits individually by hand for a truly special taste experience.

➡️ Order Biscuit Circles Set Cookie Cutters



Time flies. Has our menu already made you really hungry now? No problem. If you liked our breakfast menu, just wait and see what we have for you for lunch.

Seafood Specials


Are you a fan of Asian-inspired cuisine? Then why not try some fresh California rolls with crispy fried, juicy shrimp? And, of course, we serve exotic wasabi and teriyaki sauces for dipping and enjoying, to complement the authentic sushi taste.

➡️ Order Wasabi Ginger Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Teriyaki Sauces from Stonewall Kitchen

Or perhaps you're not in the mood for seafood today? Then I can recommend our delicious jambalaya. In addition to the shrimp, we serve plenty of chicken on a bed of long-grain rice and season everything for that particularly spicy experience with a traditional Cajun spice blend from Louisiana. Forget about the Ratatouille from the restaurant next door. Seafood gets a whole new taste definition here.

➡️ Order Cajun Street Spice from Urban Accents

Meaty Magic


More of a meat lover? We can help with that too. The classic from our kitchen is our country-fried steak. We season the steak with a spicy mixture of pepper, salt, and herbs, then bread and fry it until a fluffy crispy crust forms.

➡️ Order Rufus Teague Steak Rub

➡️ Order Chicago Steak & Chop Spice from Urban Accents

➡️ Order Jamaican Jerk BBQ Rub Spice from Urban Accents

➡️ Order Kansas City Classic Rub Spice from Urban Accents

And finally, we serve the golden-brown fried steak with a spicy sauce - fiery hot or with a seductive sweet finish, your choice.

➡️ Order Cayenne Hot Sauce from Horseshoe Brand

➡️ Order Maple Cayenne Hot Sauce from Horseshoe Brand

And if you ever want to eat like you did at grandma's, then my personal recommendation is a piece of our in-house meatloaf. For that extra kick, we top it off with some spicy horseradish aioli. It's sure to warm your heart with memories.

➡️ Order Horseradish Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

And then we also have our delicious Salesbury Steak. Haven't heard of it? Imagine a burger patty in XXL size - all made from the finest beef, of course. We like to give it a nice twist and season the meat with a pinch of Argentina Steak Rub, featuring a great blend of black pepper, red chili, parsley, oregano, cumin, and jalapeño peppers before grilling. For even more authentic flavor, we serve it with a classic Chimichurri Grille Sauce, as if it were straight from Argentina.

➡️ Order Argentina Steak Rub from Urban Accents

➡️ Order Chimichurri Grille Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

Vegetarian Variations


Not really in the mood for fish or meat? Then why not try one of our vegetarian specialties. When it comes to ultimate comfort food, we recommend our unique creamy mac & cheese according to our in-house recipe. And if it's not cheesy enough for you, we can always add a pinch of Cheezy White Cheddar Spice. It's my little secret tip, so don't tell anyone.

➡️ Order Cheezy White Cheddar Popcorn Spice from Urban Accents

Do you like it a bit spicier, perhaps? It might not be enough to fill an empty stomach on its own, but our Deviled Eggs are something special. We lovingly remove the innocent egg yolks from the boiled eggs and replace them with a generous dollop of our fiery and fruity Habanero Mango Aioli. I promise you, you haven't tasted anything this delicious. And if you want it even a bit spicier, we also have Chipotle Aioli or Ghost Pepper Aioli in stock - if you dare.

➡️ Order Habanero Mango Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Chipotle Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Ghost Pepper Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

Would you prefer something more classic? How about our Fettuccine Alfredo? We serve the authentic New York pasta with a sauce cleverly seasoned with Buttermilk Cracked Peppercorn Dressing for a slightly spicy and cheesy touch with Parmesan and black pepper. You've definitely never tried pasta like this before.

➡️ Order Buttermilk Cracked Peppercorn Dressing from Stonewall Kitchen



Okay. Maybe let's take a short break and think about the side dishes first, then we might get a better idea of what you're in the mood for. Loved by young and old alike are, of course, the classic Fries. We offer every variety from finely cut Longs to Steakhouse or Country Fries – even Sweet Potato Fries. Alternatively, we also have Wedges or fluffy Tater Tots – or croquettes if that's more your style. These golden treats are served stylishly in a separate Diner basket with Country Ketchup and Farmhouse Mayo.

➡️ Order Country Ketchup from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Farmhouse Mayo from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Diner baskets in various variations

➡️ Order Wax Papers for Diner Baskets to Choose From

Or maybe something fresher with less fat? Our customers always love Coleslaw with Burgers and Chicken. We offer a selection of delicious dressings from Everything Dressing with Garlic and Black Sesame to Maple Balsamic Dressing with tangy Dijon Mustard, exotic Soy Sauce, and a hint of sweet Maple Syrup. Freshly on the menu is the equally fresh Cucumber Dill Dressing with cucumbers, dill, and a splash of lime juice. I'm sure it will be a new bestseller. Just wait and see.

➡️ Order Everything Dressing from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Maple Balsamic Dressing from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Cucumber Dill Dressing from Stonewall Kitchen



Still a bit undecided? Maybe for starters, a snack will suffice. If it takes longer, you can even continue eating on the go. But kidding aside. You can indulge and enjoy here as long as you want.

However, our finger food is something special. Take the classic Buffalo Chicken Wings, for example. We fry the wings until they're golden brown and deliciously crispy, with a satisfying crunch when you bite into them. We serve them with our classic Buffalo Wing Sauce and Buffalo Aioli for dipping. And if you're a fan of the flavors of Nashville Hot Chicken & Co., I can also bring you some Smoky & Spicy Wing Sauce instead. Cayenne pepper, honey, brown sugar – does your mouth water yet?

➡️ Order Buffalo Wing Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Buffalo Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Smoky & Spicy Wing Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen


I have a special tip just for you. Try our Hot Honey Wing Sauce. It's both savory and sweet at the same time and goes perfectly with crispy chicken. It's simply a dream. But that's just between us, okay?

➡️ Order Hot Honey Wing Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

If you're in a hurry and just want something quick to eat on the go, we can also whip up a classic hot dog, just like from the baseball stadium. You won't notice a difference. Why? It's simple. We top our hot dogs here with authentic relishes and a dash of Spicy Honey Mustard. It doesn't get more authentic than that.

➡️ Order Farmhouse Red Relish from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Farmhouse Green Relish from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Spicy Honey Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen



I heard that growling. Are you finally getting the taste?

Okay, let's put snacks aside and get back to proper portions. How about a freshly grilled burger? It's handheld and filling. Our selection? Well, we have the classic Cheeseburger with melted cheese. And if you want the cheese not only on but also inside the burger, our kitchen can serve you Jucy Lucies, delicious Stuffed Burgers filled with cheese. We also have other variations in stock, like tropical with Avocado and Mayo or Italian-inspired with Mozzarella, Tomatoes, and Basil.

Naturally, we cater to your preferences. Would you like some extra pickles? For our burgers, we use delicious Bread n' Butter Chip Cut Pickles from McClure's with a slightly spicy note. Alongside, we recommend Caramelized Onion Mustard instead of mayo, freshly delivered by Stonewall Kitchen from New England. That's pure quality. And for our authentic flair, and for the sake of your things, I'd be happy to bring you some extra napkins – of course, in American style.

➡️ Order Bread n' Butter Chip Cut Pickles from McClure's

➡️ Order Caramelized Onion Mustard from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order American Flag Burger Paper

➡️ Order American License Plate Burger Paper

Mexican Specialties


Okay, maybe not burgers, but are you in the mood for meat? Are you a fan of Mexican cuisine? If you haven't tried it yet, you should definitely take the opportunity to try our Tex-Mex specialties, inspired by our neighbors to the south.

How about starting with a delicious Chili? Our blend of sun-ripened, diced tomatoes, green and red bell peppers, finest Dijon mustard, and zesty apple cider vinegar is mixed with a dash of Worcestershire sauce and onions for a unique flavor experience. You've never tasted ground beef like this. And don't worry, even though it's Mexican, we won't make it so spicy that your hat flies off. Or are you more a fan of spicy food? I'd be happy to have the chef mix in some of our Bone Doctors Brazen Heat BBQ Sauce. But don't complain to me afterward if it blows your socks off.

➡️ Order Chili Starter from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Bone Doctors Brazen Heat BBQ Sauce

Or would you rather mix and match yourself when it comes to your food? Then I'd be happy to bring you our delicious taco platter. You can customize the warm taco shells and fajitas with a great selection of fillings. For an authentic Tex-Mex taste, we serve fruity guacamole made from fresh avocado and tomatillos, seasoned with a selection of the most aromatic peppers, and our zesty Pineapple Chipotle Salsa. It has a nice fiery finish, but thanks to the light acidity of pineapple, it's not uncomfortably spicy. You also have the choice between our Spicy Tomato Salsa and our Spicy Corn Relish, both for the tacos and for dipping your crispy nachos. Which one would I recommend? Oh, I can't decide. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

➡️ Order Guacamole Starter from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Pineapple Chipotle Salsa from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Spicy Tomato Salsa from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Spicy Corn Relish from Stonewall Kitchen

We can also deep fry your fajitas for you. Our extra crispy Chimichangas with an extra portion of cheese are an absolute insider tip.

Did you know that you can find tacos practically everywhere these days? And people come up with all sorts of things. There are taco sauces with a blend of wonderfully sweet honey and fiery chipotle chilis. In Jamaica, they like to use bell peppers and citrus fruits. Even in Korea and Thailand, there are plenty of Tex-Mex fans with completely new and unique flavors, like garlic and sesame or Sriracha and lime. You really need to try them all.

➡️ Order Taco Simmer Sauces from Urban Accents



I noticed you perked up when I mentioned the Chimichangas. Was it the cheese? If so, I'd recommend our super pizzas made from authentic Detroit and New York recipes.

Of course, we have classic New York Style Pizza made from a classic American recipe. But if you want something special, I recommend trying a Deep Dish Pizza, authentically baked in a deep pan with plenty of cheese and tomato sauce and, of course, our super crispy crust – every bite is an absolute delight.

➡️ Order Deep Pie Dish from Anchor Hocking

➡️ Order Cardboard Pizza Peel from Outset

➡️ Order Cardboard Pizza Cutter from Outset



Or, since we're on the topic of cheese, how about a classic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich? Besides juicy, tender meat and plenty of cheese, our sandwich is served with our delicious Chimichurri Grille Sauce with a blend of parsley, coriander, and garlic. If you want, I can order you two right away because I guarantee you'll want more.

➡️ Order Chimichurri Grille Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

Oh dear, how time flies.

Maybe we should move on to something sweet for dessert, what do you think? If you're in a hurry and prefer to indulge on the go, I can quickly make you a sweet PB&J sandwich. We use only the best peanut butter without emulsifiers and additives for an authentic taste experience. And instead of classic strawberry jam, I personally recommend our Strawberry Apple Rhubarb Jam with the hint of rhubarb and sweet apples for extra depth of flavor.

➡️ Order American Peanut Butter without Palm Oil from Koeze

➡️ Order Strawberry Apple Rhubarb Jam from Stonewall Kitchen

If you'd prefer something healthier, I'd be happy to recommend our delicious Avocado Toast. We serve creamy avocado on aioli of your choice with a touch of garlic or lemon. And for extra flavor, we drizzle pure avocado oil from the Napa Valley on the creamy topping. You can hardly enjoy a healthier snack in between.

➡️ Order Everything Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Lemon & Avocado Oil Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Napa Valley Avocado Oil from Stonewall Kitchen



And now we've arrived at desserts. If you're already thinking about dessert, it can be something rich, right? Oh, don't worry. Even on an empty stomach, we have more than enough options to satisfy you with our sweet treats.

Why not try our homemade brownies, freshly baked according to our in-house recipe. The aroma? Yes, now that you mention it, we've lit a few new scented candles with delicious brownie cheesecake aroma today. It almost smells like it's fresh out of the oven, doesn't it?

➡️ Order Glass Brownie Pan from Anchor Hocking

Are you tempted? When it comes to sweets, we don't mess around. If you'd like, we can quickly make you some irresistible S'mores over an open flame. We use only vegan Dandies Marshmallows for that special flavor. Can you already smell them? Delicious caramelized sugar and warm chocolate – you can't help but lick your lips.

➡️ Order Vegan Dandies Marshmallows

➡️ Order Smoke & S'mores Scented Candle from Country Candle

If you just want a snack on the side, I'd also recommend our selection of delicious gourmet popcorn. We'd be happy to serve you a small variety of different kernels with the finest spices, ranging from sweet cinnamon to fiery chili. And the best part? We use only heirloom seeds for our popcorn. They have an exceptionally thin hull that melts in your mouth. No annoying husks stuck in your teeth or anything like at the movies.

➡️ Order Gourmet Popcorn from American Heritage

➡️ Order Popcorn Seasonings from Urban Accents & Co.

➡️ Order Red Popcorn Bucket in Two Sizes

➡️ Order Kettle Corn Scented Candle from Country Candle

Did the popcorn remind you of something? It's amazing how nostalgic we can be for childhood food sometimes. My personal favorite has always been my grandparents' delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies. We still make them today according to the family recipe and only with the best ingredients, like Chocolate Chips from Guittard. We have many great flavors available, from classic dark or milk to chocolate chips with mint flavor. You'll surely find a flavor that brings back memories.

➡️ Order Chocolate Chips & Baking Bars from Guittard

And then we have freshly baked Cupcakes. We serve these little treats in colorful and stylish cups - the little ones always love them. Can you smell that too? I believe a few Vanilla Cupcakes have just come out of the oven, so grab them while they're still hot.

➡️ Order Cupcake Baking & Serving Cups from Cupcake Creations

➡️ Order Vanilla Cupcake Scented Candle from Country Candle

Cakes & Pies


As a special treat, I recommend you take a look at our delicious selection of cakes and pies in seasonal flavors. Our current favorite for fall is undoubtedly our Apple Pie according to our in-house recipe.

➡️ Order Apple Pie Spice from American Heritage

➡️ Order Warm Apple Pie Scented Candle from Country Candle

Alternatively, we have... Ohh. It seems our cakes were extra popular today, and we're already sold out. So, you'll have to check out our delicious cheesecake variations and sweet potato pies next time. But at least you can still enjoy the aroma.

➡️ Order Pumpkin Cheesecake Scented Candle from Kringle Candle

➡️ Order Candy Cane Cheesecake Scented Candle from Country Candle

➡️ Order Sweet Potato Pie Scented Candle from Country Candle

Our Specials


Before you go, I wanted to ask if I can reserve a table for you at one of our upcoming events. We serve plenty of delicious treats, and we're always busy, so it's worth booking in advance.

Our next big event is our opulent Thanksgiving Dinner with flavorful turkey and juicy pumpkin pie. We also serve a selection of delicious cranberry-based sauces and relishes, such as the classic New England Cranberry Relish or the Apple Cranberry Chutney. There are only a few spots left, so don't wait too long.

➡️ Order Turkey Rub Spice from Urban Accents

➡️ Order Holiday Spiced Cranberry Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Apple Cranberry Chutney from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order New England Cranberry Relish from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Pumpkin Pie Spice from American Heritage

➡️ Order Pumpkin Pie Filling from Farmers Market

We also love to fire up the grill and serve a hearty barbecue platter with everything the grill has to offer, from briskets to sausages. Here, both German grill fans and lovers of American BBQ get their money's worth. We also offer a selection of delicious grill sauces and aiolis. And if the weather doesn't cooperate, we simply season our dishes with a little liquid smoke - that's authentic smoky flavor from the bottle, just like fresh from the grill.

➡️ Order Smoky Barbecue Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Honey Barbecue Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Baby Back Rib Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Liquid Smoke from Lazy Kettle Brand

Our grilling also often takes on a more Hawaiian flavor. If you feel like treating yourself to a short vacation, come to one of our Luau evenings. We serve plenty of pork and chicken with delicious Hawaiian grille sauce and Poke Bowls with an Asian-inspired teriyaki flavor. Of course, we also serve fruity exotic cocktails of your choice. It's the perfect mini-vacation if you want to unwind for an evening. How can you say no to that?

➡️ Order Hawaiian Grille Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Sriracha Teriyaki Sauce from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Sangria Drink Mixer from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Pina Colada Drink Mixer from Stonewall Kitchen

➡️ Order Margarita Drink Mixer from Stonewall Kitchen

Have a great day, and come back soon. The door to our American (Heritage) Diner is always open for you.