Upcycling - Breathing New Life into Candle Jars

 Upcycling for Candle Jars

Key Highlights:

  • Breathe New Life into Burned Candle Jars
  • Upcycling Gives New Meaning to Disposable Products
  • Candle Jars Transform into Popular Plant Pots and Terrariums
  • Old Candle Jars Serve as Effective Organizers for Kitchen, Office & More


The favorite candle that held many cherished memories has unfortunately burned out in the end, its familiar scent completely faded away. Scents quickly transport us to memories and nostalgia, providing a sense of calm and comfort. It would be a shame to discard this loyal companion into a glass container, wouldn't it? And with the stylish candle jars from Kringle and Country Candle, even after burning out, so many more memories can be created. Surprised? Then join us on our little journey through the house as we show you how to give new life to your candle jars with ease.

The keyword here is Upcycling.


What's Upcycling?

Recycling is trendy, but whenever possible, Upcycling comes before saying goodbye. This means that before we take our jars to the collection point, we look for new ways and opportunities to extend their usefulness.

It might sound strange, but examples of Upcycling are diverse. That old leather jacket or your favorite shirt no longer fits? With some handiwork, you can easily turn them into stylish tote bags. There are even entire houses like the world-famous Earthships that use Upcycling to turn old bottles into colorful decorative windows.


Upcycling for Candle Jars

If we want to continue using our old candle jars, the first step is to ensure thorough cleaning. With minimal effort, any remaining candle wax can be easily removed, leaving our beautiful glass ready for its new place of honor – perhaps as a decorative eyecatcher on the shelf or coffee table. This way, the comforting memories will continue to linger long after the fragrance itself has faded away.

But our candle jars can do so much more.


Upcycling in the Kitchen

For those of us who enjoy growing our own herbs and spices, candle jars can be used as flower pots or even as mini-greenhouses. Simply fill the empty jars with soil, plant your choice of seedlings or seeds, and water them occasionally.

Our jars are also fantastic for storing spices, coffee, tea, and just about any other ingredient that might otherwise end up in boxes or cartons on the shelf or in the pantry – this also has the added advantage of allowing you to quickly assess when the next shopping trip is due.

Clean candle jars also work wonderfully as serving containers. Pudding, ice cream, and other sweet delights are elevated by Upcycling at the dining table. Depending on the size and shape, some old candle jars (such as mini-scented candles from Kringle Candle, which you can currently get at a special price here) are also perfect for drinks, from lemonade to your choice of shots – almost as if you were sitting at Kringle's own bar in the "Farm Table" in beautiful Bernardston, Massachusetts.



Pickling is becoming increasingly popular here as well (you can read more about it here in our relevant blog post). Once again, we turn to our candle jars. With a little creativity in sealing, Upcycling turns our candle jar into a pickling container for fermenting vegetables, pickling eggs, or even boiling homemade jams.


Upcycling in the Bathroom

In the bathroom, our old candle jars make a fantastic impression thanks to Upcycling. Whether as pure decorative pieces on the shelf or quite practically for storage of soap, toothbrushes, etc. – here, everyone will surely find a beautiful spot for their favorite jars. For example, we recommend the wonderful Tumbler jars from Kringle Candle for stylish storage of cotton swabs & more.

And the best part: The Tumbler (and Large) candles from Kringle Candle are made from 100% soy blend wax (you can read more about soy wax & paraffin here in our blog) – even before Upcycling, we're already being environmentally conscious.



Upcycling in the Office

Who doesn't know this? The desk is cluttered and somehow the pen has disappeared for the umpteenth time. Here, we quickly and easily find a solution with Upcycling. Pens, rulers, scissors & more can be neatly stored in one of our old candle jars.

With different sizes and shapes, everyone can create their very own organizational system. In no time, the desk looks clean and tidy, and whatever we need is readily available with just a quick reach into the right jar.


Upcycling in the Living Room

Enough of tidying and organizing – now it's time for calm and relaxation.

Of course, we first reach for our aromatic scented candles, but thanks to Upcycling, there's still plenty of potential for our candle jars after enjoying the fragrance. As part of winding down after work, it's essential to quickly put away the house keys and other daily companions. To avoid confusion and searching later on, we like to have an empty candle jar on the dresser.

What works in the kitchen also works in the living room. With some soil, water, and light, candle jars can quickly become beautiful vases and transparent flower pots. Perfect for adding green accents to the shelf, coffee table, or windowsill. For those who prefer something more unique, sealing the jars turns an old candle jar with a lid into an attractive and intriguing mini terrarium for your own space.

If you prefer something low-maintenance, you can also create small still lifes in the old candle jars. This not only presents beautifully but also allows us to reposition our creation easily – from the table to the shelf, super simple and with just a quick reach. And with enough filling, these artistic arrangements & more in the jar can even serve double duty – as bookends, for example.

And of course, with Upcycling, our candle jars can offer an almost unchanged continuation of their life. Simply light a tealight for a calming ambiance and place it in the empty jar. Now you can enjoy relaxing hours without worrying about dripping wax or open flames.


Upcycling your Life

We hope we've provided some creative inspiration and ideas for Upcycling your used candle jars. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and we're excited to see how you'll use your imagination to make your living space more beautiful, clean, and cozy through Upcycling.

For more inspiration, take a look at our fantastic assortments of Kringle and Country Candle. You're sure to find the right fragrance and the perfect jar for you: