Chutneys - A classic for autumn and festive occasions


Especially during autumn and festive occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, chutneys are one of the most popular culinary specialties in America. It's no wonder, as versatile as the flavors are, so are the possibilities for using these fruit or spice sauces. They complement dishes like chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, or rice preparations, as well as sandwiches or burgers. Even plain bread and cheese can be elevated to a higher level with them, turning simple dishes into gourmet meals in an instant.

Chutneys are mild to spicy sauces made from chopped fruits, vegetables, and spices. Their consistency ranges from liquid to creamy and resembles jam. Chutneys originally come from India, where they are mostly made fresh from coconut flesh, spices, and herbs, traditionally served with curries and meats. During the colonial era, these sauces made their way to Europe and later to America through the English, where milder to medium-spicy vegetable and fruit variations became popular. Depending on the ingredients used, chutneys are either cold pureed and served fresh or, similar to jams, cooked for longer storage.

For both chutney connoisseurs and newcomers, Stonewall Kitchen offers a suitable variety for every taste. From fruity-fresh to exotic-spicy: The finely balanced, aromatic ingredients turn the chutneys from this award-winning manufacturer in Maine into true flavor wonders. Enhanced with a chutney from Stonewall Kitchen, autumn and festive dishes become a truly special culinary experience.

Available at American Heritage, the varieties include:

Recipe suggestions and detailed descriptions for the different varieties are available with the products.