BBQ expert Patrick Ryan on Kabel 1

BBQ expert Patrick Ryan grilling like an American on Kabel 1

For several years, Patrick Ryan has been producing episodes of "Grilling Like an American," which can be seen on the show "Abenteuer Leben" on Kabel 1. With his distinctively American accent, the charming grilling and BBQ expert provides valuable tips that turn every grilling event into a unique experience.

The BBQ videos from the show "Abenteuer Leben" on the internet are gaining increasing popularity. Whether he's showcasing the best gadgets for an American BBQ, traveling through US states to crown the best BBQ restaurant, testing different grills, or giving valuable BBQ tips that are easy to implement – Patrick Ryan resonates well with the viewers. The reason? His honest and authentic manner that makes the native American and BBQ expert highly likable. Moreover, he's practically a walking BBQ encyclopedia. When it comes to smokers, grills, BBQ & Co., there's nothing that Patrick Ryan doesn't know.

Patrick Ryan grew up in the state of Iowa, USA. Even as a child, he was exposed to gastronomy due to his grandfather owning a restaurant. Over the years, he accumulated more and more knowledge and expertise about grilling and BBQ, which now makes him a highly sought-after grilling and BBQ expert.

What does Patrick need when he's at the grill? A good thermometer, tongs and spatula, the BBQ spices from American Heritage, and a cool, American beer.