20 years of American Lifestyle and Gourmet Delicacies

20 years of American Lifestyle and Gourmet Delicacies | American Heritage

Reflecting on 20 Years:

As you celebrate 20 years of American Heritage, what is/are the most significant milestones that you are particularly proud of? or achievements American Heritage has reached in its 20-year journey?

As American Heritage celebrates its 20th anniversary, what are the most significant milestones that have been particularly eventful? Or what successes has American Heritage achieved in its 20 years?

Everything began with a great passion for unique products and the distinctive American lifestyle. Twenty years ago, our adventure started modestly in my garage. What began as a small project has evolved into an inspiring success story.

My dream has always been to motivate people to enjoy life to the fullest—whether it's through baking extraordinary cakes, lovingly decorating their homes, or simply enjoying happy moments in everyday life.

A lot has happened in two decades. From a small retailer in Augsburg, which at one point operated five stores, we have grown into a wholesaler supplying the finest stores with special delicacies and lifestyle products across Europe. Despite our growth, our love for retail remains alive in our Augsburg store and our online shops.

A long-held dream came true last year: our own Augsburg popcorn factory! Here we produce the best popcorn, enhancing it with espresso, salted caramel, peanut butter, or fruits—without any artificial flavors or colors. This delicious popcorn from Everly Grace is now enthusiastically received far beyond the borders of Augsburg.

Sabrine Ryan and Cherlotte Ryan from American HeritageSabrine Ryan and Cherlotte Ryan from American Heritage
Sabine Ryan and Charlotte Ryan from American Heritage
Sabine Ryan | American Heritage AugsburgSabine Ryan | American Heritage Augsburg
Sabine Ryan at our American Heritage in Augsburg

Evolving Business Landscape:

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the buying habits of our customers for American gourmet food in Germany over the past two decades, and how has American Heritage adapted to these changes in terms of selecting products to add to our portfolio?

Quality has always been our top priority. We are not fans of foods with lots of colors or artificial modifications. Instead, we always choose the best quality. Whether it's the world's smallest maple syrup, the finest sauces, or special extracts for baking – our customers will only find the best with us. Our promise: quality that you can taste and touch.

In today's hectic times, it is becoming increasingly challenging for our customers to visit our store. That's why it's important to us that all their favourite products are delivered quickly and well-packaged to their homes. Additionally, the proportion of international customers is steadily growing.

We offer foods from all regions of America. Under our brand "RYAN’S Specialties," we now also import special delicacies from England, Scotland, and Ireland.

My favourite products include:

Everly Grace Love Story Popcorn from Augsburg

Cinnamon Infused Maple Syrup from Crown Maple in New York 

Country Ketchup from Stonewall Kitchen in Maine 

Product Highlights:

What products or brands have been especially popular or have a special story behind them? 

Our absolute highlight and a particular bestseller in the range is Habanero Mango Aioli! When the aioli is sold out, there is a real uproar from our customers and so we always try to have it available 

Our Best Seller Habanero Mango Aioli from Stonewall Kitchen

Tip: To spice up your sandwiches or nachos, spread a little of this on your dish. It also gives an extra kick to potatoes or vegetable skewers when used as a dip. Try it and see for yourself!

  • Creamy aioli with a wonderfully fruity spiciness
  • High-quality ingredients ensure excellent flavour
  • One of the most popular aiolis from Stonewall Kitchen
  • Sweet notes of mango, raisins, and brown sugar perfect the flavour
  • Gives everyday meals that certain spice kick
  • Pairs great with chicken or as a dip for french fries

Customer Journey:

How have customers' responses and loyalty contributed to the growth and success of American Heritage over the years? 

Our colorful range is growing and thriving - and we have our customers to thank for that! Many have discovered special favourite products in America and told us about them. Others have fallen in love with turquoise garden furniture that we imported especially for them.

Our story is a love story. Our customers love and support us, and we are eternally grateful for that. Thanks to our customers, we can offer the best products from all over the world and enrich everyday life with unique finds and special delicacies.

Our great customer reviews are proof of this! (see our review at the end of this article. 

Selecting Brands, Partners and Distributors:

How does American Heritage select its brands and distributors to ensure they align with its commitment to quality and gourmet excellence?

We visit numerous trade fairs to select the best range. We then travel directly to the manufacturers to see the quality of the products and the manufacturing process for ourselves. We have personally tested every product in our range and found it to be good. In addition, we have our food regularly tested in laboratories to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. This means our customers can be sure that they will only find the best products with us.

Our top three best-selling brands are Stonewall Kitchen, Rufus Teague, and Crown Maple.

Celebration Activities:

How is American Heritage celebrating this 20-year milestone? Are there any special events, promotions, or product launches planned? 

This year our birthday falls during the European Championships and we couldn't imagine a better combination! Together, we will enjoy the joys of sport and togetherness, hopefully, good weather and a great BBQ.

And because a birthday is only half as fun without presents, this year we are once again offering great discounts for our loyal customers. Celebrate with us and benefit from exclusive offers - we look forward to a great birthday and gourmet time!

Enjoy 20% off all Stonewall Kitchen products, exclusively for our 20th anniversary. Use code HAPPY20 at checkout.

Offer valid from June 8th, 2024 to June 17th, 2024.

Vision for the Future:

What is your vision for the next 20 years of American Heritage as we celebrate this significant anniversary?
The world is spinning faster and faster, and we are looking forward to the next 20 years. We have big dreams and even bigger plans: We want to win even more customers and continue to expand our product range. We remain true to our passion and commitment and want to offer personal and caring service despite the development of AI.

Our greatest wish is to continue to serve our customers with the same enthusiasm and dedication in the years to come. We want to surprise our fans with new, unique products and continually improve your shopping experience. Your satisfaction and trust are what drives us.

Together we want to reach new milestones and create unforgettable moments. Exciting new products, special promotions and the constant development of our offering are our goals!

Sabine, any last words?:

I would like to thank all my customers, supporters and employees from the bottom of my heart over the last 20 years. It has been a very special journey that has shaped me a lot. I was able to experience many wonderful moments and meet many friends. On days like these, I always shed a tear of emotion, because I feel it was an absolute gift. It's not for nothing that we print ‘With Love from the Ryan's’ on all our packages - I feel the same way. We are able to send a little piece of love out into the world and that's great.

Customer Reviews

I am an absolute fan of Kringle and Country Candles. Luckily, this small but fine company exists so that we can also enjoy these fragrance experiences in Europe. The candles arrive beautifully packaged and quickly at home. Nothing has ever broken. It's always a pleasure to call and get advice. Unfortunately, in Europe, we always have to wait a little longer until the latest scented candles arrive here. I hope that the great Easter candles from Kringle arrive in time for the festival. A big compliment to the boss of the company, who built this great company and maneuvered through the times, which are not always easy. I'm looking forward to many more great scented candles from America, of course only from Kringle!!


I was in contact with American Heritage before purchasing the Kennedy rocking chair because it was a gift and everything should fit. The employees were very helpful both on the phone and by email. Everything went smoothly with the shipping company. The rocking chair itself is simply fantastic and well-made. It also came fully assembled.


Stonewall Kitchen's sauces and aioli are absolutely top!!! Doing it yourself was yesterday. No comparison to what you can otherwise buy in the supermarket. There is also something for every taste. Purchasing and shipping from American Heritage is exemplary as always! Thanks!