Unicorn Poop Limited Edition (22 oz-Jar, 2-Wicks)

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Unicorn Poop - now available as a Kringle Candle Limited Edition (22 oz-Jar, 2-Wicks)

The long out of production limited edition of Country Candle now as a new interpretation of Kringle Candle (22 oz-Jar, 2-Wicks).

Zingy, zesty citrus notes sparkle over sugared flower blossoms and cotton candy swirls. Pink whipped vanilla, rainbow sprinkles, and shimmering musk add the perfect finishing touch to this magical and colorful scent.

Scented candle Unicorn Poop - quickly summarized

  • Scent: Sweet, Citrus, Vanilla
  • Top notes: Lemon Zing, Sweet Orange, Bergamot Zest
  • Mid notes: Sugared Blossoms, Cotton Candy Swirls
  • Base notes: Whipped Vanilla, Rainbow Sprinkles, Shimmering Musk
  • Only available in size Large (22 oz-Jar, 2-Wicks)
  • Imported from the USA from Kringle Candle

It all began in 1968 with a simple wax crayon - from which Michael Kittredge made his first candle, which he gave to his mother for Christmas. Shortly thereafter, he founded the Yankee Candle Company. At the height of his success, Kittredge sold his company in the late 1990s and devoted more time to his family. In 2009, Mick Kittredge, son of the Yankee Candle founder, decided to follow in his father's footsteps and founded his own scented candle company: the Kringle Candle Company. The company's name, by the way, comes from "Kris Kringle," the American equivalent of our Christ Child. The wax of the DayLights is like all Kringle Candles in different shades of white and thus fit wonderfully any environment. In addition, the sweet candle jars and the decorative glasses set a beautiful color contrast, which adapts to the respective fragrance theme of the candle.

More Information
Delivery Time1-3 days in Germany, for other countries
Manufacturer Number0069-001262
Contents624 Gram
Burns100 Hours
ScentSweet, Vanilla, Citrus

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