Classical Rocker Cherry from Troutman

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World's Best Rocker from North Carolina

The legendary rocking chairs, in the US also called rockers, are a true depiction of the American lifestyle. Seen across the country on porches or near the fireplace in various colors and styles, these chairs create a cozy atmosphere. American Heritage was founded by importing rocking chairs, which is why our logo features one. 

Our popular rocking chairs come from North Carolina, where they have been built by the family company Troutman Chair Co. with know-how and attention to detail since 1924. Every chair from Troutman Chair Co. is a small ergonomical marvel with scooped seats that contour to you, curved back rails for optimal comfort, and a solid construction without any glue. Long runners ensure for an easy, comfortable rock without much exertion. 

Not only do these rocking chairs look gorgeous but they have a design that can only come from handcrafting each individual piece of the chair.  Everything from start to finish is completed by hand, by the chairs completion it has been though over 26 pairs of hands each working to perfect this beautiful piece of furniture.  So go sit down in your rocking chair and let the stress of your day melt away.

Troutman also offers matching upholstery for their rocking chairs. These can be purchased separately from us and are not included in the delivery.

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Delivery Time7-8 days in Germany, for other countries
Manufacturer Number470 Cherry
Height in cm116.00
Width in cm58.00
Length in cm47.00
Seat Height41