Daylight Dewdrops

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Daylight-Colored Dewdrops

There is nothing so fresh and lovely as the first breath in the early morning when the dew is still on the grass and the sun is starting to crest in the horizon. The founder of Kringle was extremely successful in putting this very moment perfectly into a candle with floral components like jasmine, rose, and orchid. The warmness comes through in the tonka beans and the freshness through mint. To round it all out, there's a hint of fresh sea wind in its depths. The perfect scent for your senses!

The most complex part of candlemaking is, without a doubt, the fragrance. Kringle Candle places a lot of value on selecting each individual component of a scent so that it is not only complete and rounded out, but also perfectly in line with what the label promises. When producing these candles, they are incredibly precise so that the candle smells not only pleasant and spot on when it's burning, but also when smelled directly from the shelf.

The candle wax of all Kringle Candles is white so that each candle can easily be placed in any room and match your individual room designs. 

Kringle candles are made with 100% natural food-grade paraffin. 

Burn time 12 hours.

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Delivery Time 1-3 days in Germany, for other countries
Barcode 846853041025
Manufacturer Number 0045-01-0262
Contents 42 Gramm
Burns 10-15 Hours
Scent Fresh