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How it all began...

The idea originated during one of our many trips to the USA where we marveled once again over the comfortable rocking chairs that dotted all the porches. Unfortunately we couldn’t fit one in our suitcase and due to the size, we also couldn’t reasonably ship one with a regular shipping service. Then came the idea to ship several in a container on a cargo ship and offer them to other rocking chair enthusiasts. In fact, the first green rocking chair was used for the company’s label. The inspiration for the rest of our assortment came from our own home, which we had lovingly decorated with the items we brought back from the States in our suitcases each time we visited.

After our first garden and lifestyle exhibition, we created a website and opened our first store in Augsburg in 2005. This store featured the American lifestyle in four differently themed rooms.

In 2008 we fulfilled a dream and expanded with a new store in Munich. After a long renovation period, we celebrated the opening of the store in Rotkreuzplatz. Variously decorated rooms invite you to come and take a look as well as shop around.

In 2011 American Heritage opened a beautiful three-story store in the old Düsseldorf inner harbor. The maritime flair of the Rheinuferpromenade was reminiscent of the New England style. After the lease ran out, we started searching for a new home in the area.

At the end of 2011 we were able to combine our ever-growing warehouse for our wholesale business, our office, and our Augsburg store and we celebrated a reopening in 2012 in a space with parking spots as well as extended hours.

At the start of the famous Salzburger Christmas Market, American Heritage opened a store at Goldgasse in November 2013. It was our first store in Austria and found a new home in 2016 when it moved to EUROPARK.

In 2014 American Heritage started making big plans for northern Germany. In the gorgeous Levantehaus in Hamburg, the next American Heritage store was opened – in Mönckebergstraße. For this occasion, there was a huge celebration in which we also celebrated our 10 year anniversary.

After a long search, American Heritage opened a lovely store in Stuttgart in Gerber. With two entrances and regularly changing decoration, our store is a popular attraction for people who love the American lifestyle.

American Heritage has been certified as organic since 2017 and can offer organic products from the USA. In addition, we are in attendance at specially selected garden trade shows and culinary events. Parallel to all of this, our stylish assortment in both retail and wholesale continued to expand and grow exponentially. Especially beloved are our gourmet products from family-run and owned businesses, such as Stonewall Kitchen and our magnificent scented candles from Kringle Candle (of which we are the exclusive retailer and wholesale provider to many European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France).