Daylight Bundle Fall Scents 2023 from Kringle Candle

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Daylight Bundle Fall Scents 2023 from Kringle Candle exclusively at our sample price - great for testing!

You want to try out the new Kringle Candle fall scents for yourself?

Then we offer you ourdiscounted Daylight Bundle Kringle Candle Fall Scents 2023 for trial. With this Daylight Bundle, you get one Daylight of each new scent from Kringle Candle's Fall 2023 collection. The bundle has an overall value of 23,70 €.

You can look forward to these scents in our Daylight Bundle from Kringle Candle:

  • 1x Daylight Autumn Spice (Scents: Cinnamony, Pastries, Vanilla, Citrus)
  • 1x Daylight Bourbon Bonfire (Scents: Cinnamony, Smoky, Vanilla)
  • 1x Daylight Leaf Peeper (Scents: Cinnamony, Fruity, Manly)
  • 1x Daylight Pumpkin Waffles (Scents: Cinnamony, Fruity, Pastries, Sweet, Vanilla)
  • 1x Daylight Rosemary Applerita (Scents: Cinnamony, Sweet, Fresh, Fruity, Citrus)
  • 1x Daylight Vineyard Harvest (Scents: Cinnamony, Flowery, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla)

Only available in small quantities. Only while stocks last.

American Heritage Tip: Make sure to check out our with the new fall scents as well!

More Information
Delivery Time1-3 days in Germany, for other countries
Contents252 Gram
ScentCinnamony, Flowery, Fresh, Fruity, Manly, Sweet, Vanilla, Smoky, Citrus, Pastries, Autumn/Fall

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